Orange & Passionfruit Jellies in passionfruit cups

Tuesday 31 May 2016


Passionfruit Jellies 4

I dreamed these little jellies up for one of the girls birthday celebrations. In the past we had used orange skins, however find that depending on the oranges, we often couldn’t separate the pith from the skin and ended up scrapping our jelly out with a mouthful of pith….rather unpleasant. The passionfruit cup is simply created after the passionfruit is cut open and seeds removed, but then removing the goopy pithy bit (don’t add this to the seeds), and there you have the most perfect cup for little hands to hold.

The recipe and process is very similar to the nourishing orange jelly recipe, however with the addition of a little passionfruit zing. In the photos the girls are devouring them with some fresh organic cream which the girls drizzled with maple syrup.

Perfect to make a day or two before a birthday celebration or any event that requires some some delicious sweetness coupled with a hit of some high quality anti-inflammatory protein.

From the pantry

about 1.5 cups of freshly squeezed & strained orange juice

about 6-8 passionfruits, seeds and juice separated 

2 tablespoons of Bovine Gelatin 

1 tablespoon of raw honey or organic cane sugar  – to remove any tartness from the oranges

Let’s begin

please read the kitchen notes before you begin

PREPARE the orange juice and passionfruits. Combine the passionfruit juice with the orange juice and leave the seeds separate. You can add some of these in at the end.

ON the stove over a low heat, warm about 1/3 of a cup of the juice mixture. Once slightly bubbling turn off, turn off heat, you will need it in about a minute.

PLACE 2 tablespoons of Gelatin in a small bowl and pour in about 1/4 cup of the juice mixture, allow to BLOOM for a few seconds while stirring quickly until it has the consistency of apple sauce.

ADD Gelatin that looks like apple sauce to the heated juice mixture, gently stirring until dissolved, sometimes this will take a few minutes, just keep spooning the heated juice over the Gelatin that may appear a little lumpy.

ONCE dissolved, combine the heated Gelatin mixture with the remaining fresh juice.

SPOON in passionfruit seeds ‘to taste’ – I usually like to use about 2 tablespoons
POUR into passionfruit cups – you may find it useful to settle these in a muffin or mini quiche pan to stop them from tipping over.
PLACE in fridge to set, they usually only take a few hours.

Kitchen notes
:: If you have never worked with Gelatin before, have a practice dissolving it before you begin, the powder is rather easy to use, however does take a little practice ensuring that it all dissolves and does not clump.  Allowing the Gelatin to bloom means that it simply absorbs all the cold liquid and looks a little like apple sauce and spongy. When you first add the cold liquid you can stir it quickly but then leave it to absorb.

:: If you have any problems with the Gelatin clumping, even after adding the boiling water or if you leave it too long and it solidifies, you can place bowl of Gelatin in saucepan with water coming up half way (to bowl of Gelatin) and gently simmer – this will melt the Gelatin. Experiment and see what works best for you. Good luck!

:: High quality bovine gelatin is made from the skin and bones of grass fed cows. The gelatine you may see at the supermarket is a low quality product and often made from pigs.

Passionfruit Jellies 6

Passionfruit Jellies 2

Passionfruit Jellies 5

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