Align & Connect Soul Mentoring Session

It is so easy to fall into monotony with daily life as a mama and often we have very little time for reviewing and aligning our daily life. So much change occurs during pregnancy, birth and motherhood that we often find ourselves with littles ones at our feet and wondering who that woman in the mirror is…

We begin peeling back the layers of who we thought we were and who we are discovering we are while trying to cultivate a connection with our inner voice, our truest self.

ALIGN & CONNECT is an opportunity to gain clarity to align and connect to your own intuition, the truest version of you, to enable you to move forwards with more ease and flow.

It is like a burst of inspiration and empowerment. If you are lacking motivation to make changes, unsure of what direction to move, be ready to see that all shift! 

What you will get:

1 Skype session of 60 minutes

Pre-consultation questionnaire/ email correspondence so that we can jump right in when our call begins

Oracle Card reading – I will connect in with your energy before we begin the call, and pull a card that will guide our session.

Investment: $220

If you are ready to see some changes in your life and wanting someone to accompany you, let’s chat!


Reasons you may be considering soul mentoring sessions:

:: You are wanting to begin some self nurture but don’t even know where to start.

:: You are feeling weighted down by the daily grind and want to see if it’s possible to create a little more space and joy?

:: You want to make practical changes to daily life such as incorporating real food and more rhythm and routine for your children.

:: You are finding one of your child’s behaviour challenging and feeling frustrated with what to try next.

:: You have a big decision to make and are finding it hard to connect in with your own intuition.

:: You are feeling a little overwhelmed, wondering how you can find some time and space to begin to see more flow and ease in daily life as mama?

:: You daily life isn’t fulfilling, you feel unmotivated and even when you do commit to making some changes you find it hard to make them habit.

:: You would love to see more fulfilment and connection in your relationship with your partner.

:: You have a wonderful idea or project close to your heart and have no idea where to begin to implement it.

Some thoughts on Sessions

I am committed to my own personal spiritual growth and when we work together, you are gaining access to my own toolkit and knowledge, that I have gained over many years of delving into many modalities.

I have found much comfort over the years in seeking the guidance of those who have travelled these paths before me – sometimes a single session is all you need to move our of current frustrations and move into a new daily reality.