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Waldorf Inspired Magical Mermaids

Waldorf Inspired Magical Mermaids

These Waldorf Inspired Magical Mermaids are such a fun project for summertime seasonal table or a sea themed invitation to play. They also make a darling gift for a little one who loves mermaids. I made the first little mermaid…

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Mamahood: My Journey (part 2)

Being a mama of one had its challenges – a little one that wouldn’t settle, endless amounts of time bouncing and…

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Meditation for Mothers: Getting Started

Meditation.  This is without a doubt my favourite mindset tool and one that I’ve experienced to bring changes throughout all areas…

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Committing to Self Care for Busy Mums

For the last month I’ve been having rhythmical massage one a week. I am very passionate about mamas taking time…

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Reflections on my second birth: Millie

4 years ago and yet I remember it like yesterday. I remember the feeling that something was happening within me…

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Mamahood: My Journey (part 1)

   photography by Tim Coulson I always love hearing people’s stories, so I thought I would share a little of…

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4 Tips to Support a Healthy Mama Mindset

I think its safe to say that we all try our best to be calm mothers. We don’t wake up…

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Slow Cooked Lamb with Green Olives

I love being able to pop something on in the morning and knowing that the evening rhythm will be so…

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Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

Following on from the flourless no nut brownie recipe and wholesome vanilla ice cream, I thought I would share another…

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Wholesome Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

A simple vanilla bean ice cream to add to your digestible kitchen basics. Believe it or not, ice cream is a…

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Waldorf Inspired Magical Mermaids

Waldorf Inspired Magical Mermaids

These Waldorf Inspired Magical Mermaids are such a fun project for summertime seasonal table or a sea themed invitation to play. They also make a darling gift for a little one who loves mermaids. I made the first little mermaid back in 2017 and she has been waiting ever so patiently until this year for…

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Waldorf inspired butterfly babies

Waldorf Inspired Butterfly Baby to Soothe Your Soul

The Waldorf Inspired Butterfly Baby is such a sweet little treasure to soothe the soul. With so much intensity happening in the world, these little babies seem to have come to bring some comfort… to both to the maker and to the receiver. They are also a beautiful little project to welcome the beginning of…

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Waldorf Inspired Unicorn Felt Pouch

Birthday Gifts for Children: A Waldorf Inspired Unicorn Felt Pouch

This Waldorf Inspired Unicorn Felt Pouch is one of my favourite projects from the Magical Birthdays ebook! These lovely pouches make very simple and easy gifts for a child’s birthday. Tuck a special crystal or other treasure from Mother Earth inside, or perhaps a few beeswax crayons for a much-loved magical birthday gift. They also…

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Flower Garden Pin Cushion for the Sewing Kit

The Flower Garden Pin Cushion for the Sewing Kit is a beautiful little home for your pins, they are the perfect size to pop into your sewing basket. Alternatively, you could even use your flower garden to adorn your spring seasonal table or in storytelling. I love the simplicity and beauty of these very useful…

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Wool Felt French Macarons

Waldorf Inspired Wool Felt French Macarons

These Waldorf Inspired Wool Felt French Macarons are such a wonderful first project to experiment with a few different techniques such as gathering fabric and felt. It’s a great project to use some of your fabric scraps – I love to add fabrics with different textures into my projects as I find it makes them extra…

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Wool Felt Ice Cream Cones

Wool Felt Ice Cream Cones

Welcome to the Wool Felt Ice Cream Cones project! I am so excited to share these – as I really do love creating simple treasures that can encourage imaginary play.  This is a really lovely and enjoyable beginner level sewing project. It’s perfect if you are new to hand sewing or you’d just like a simple…

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Wool felt orange wedge

Wool Felt Orange Wedges

Welcome to the Wool Felt Orange Wedges project- another fun project for the play kitchen! I had lots of fun making these little treasures, they are a perfect accompaniment for the Sew Magical Tea Party! Coupled with some little cups or wooden bowls, and maybe some wool felt strawberries to make a fruit salad, these make…

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Waldorf inspired tea party

Sew Magical Tea Party Workshop

Welcome to the Sew Magical Tea Party- a Waldorf inspired tea party! It’s the perfect project to encourage imaginative play. Coupled with some little tea cups or wooden bowls, some scraps of wool (my children loved to use this as “milk”), these tea bags make such a lovely addition to the play kitchen. One of…

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Waldorf Inspired Springtime Flower Faerie

Waldorf Inspired Springtime Flower Faerie

Meet Violet, our Waldorf Inspired Springtime Flower Faerie, and she is such a favourite project to make at this time of year! She’s a gorgeous little flower faerie… perfect for a seasonal table or as a story telling prop. She’d also make a gorgeous gift, and if you make the small size she would be…

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patchwork scissor case

Imperfectly Patched Scissor Case

Last month in the Sewing Circle, we worked on a sweet patchwork scissor case for the Imperfectly Patched Scissor Case project! I’ve been wanting to make a scissor case for a long while to keep them safe and to go along with the Imperfectly Patched Needle Book and Imperfectly Patched Pin Cushion. This case is my favourite…

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Waldorf inspired springtime crafts

Waldorf Inspired Spring Crafts

Take a little peak at some of my favourite Waldorf Inspired Spring Crafts from The Sewing Circle…. Springtime Snails These little springtime snails are made using a wet felted body and a finger knitted shell, inspired by the most lovely snail that my son made at preschool. They are a gorgeous little project, simple enough…

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Waldorf inspired wool felt dragon

Mythical Creatures: Waldorf Inspired Wool Felt Dragon

We’ve been making some magical, mythical creature inspired projects over the past few months inside The Sewing Circle. One of these projects has been this beautiful Waldorf inspired wool felt baby dragon! (You can take a peak at one of our other magical projects, a Waldorf inspired wool felt unicorn here).   This has been…

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Waldorf inspired wool felt unicorn

How to make a Waldorf Inspired Wool Felt Unicorn

We’ve been making the most magical Waldorf inspired wool felt unicorn in the Sewing Circle. There is something so special about creating with beautiful materials which brings me so much joy. I had so much fun designing this pattern for our Waldorf inspired wool felt unicorn – playing with a few different features to include!…

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Warming Winter Lamb & Red Lentil Soup

I shared a beautiful recipe for Luscious Lamb & Lentil Soup in my cookbook, Recipes from my Kitchen, however over the years it has evolved and I’ve ended up with quite a different version of the soup. I shared some photos on Instagram stories the other evening and a number of you asked for the…

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Waldorf Inspired Birthday Rituals: The Birthday Stars

I’d love to tell you all about the birthday stars 🌟 if you’ve been here for a while you will know all about the birthday stars, but for those who are new let me share a little more. One of the rituals I share in the magical birthday ebook is to sew little felt (or…

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