Cherishing Childhood


The Messy Bedroom Solution (for mamas tired of picking things off the floor)

Ever found yourself nagging your kids to tidying up their room?  My hand is raised…. With a new baby in the house, I’ve found myself doing a lot of nagging…

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Mama Makes: Wool Fleece Christmas Angels

I’ve put together a creative making tutorial to inspire a little Christmas making….These sweet wool fleece Christmas Angels make a beautiful gift tucked into a card at Christmas time or for…

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Preparing for Christmas with Children

With another little one on the way, I am beginning to prepare for Christmas. So here are some ideas of our usual preparations for celebrating Christmas with little ones… Crafting is always high on…

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Preparing for Easter with Children

Looking for some ideas for preparing for Easter with children? I’ve put together a mini ebook “Celebrating Easter” to help you create a magical Easter table and involve your children in the…

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Why to Get Creative with your Children?

Motherhood offers such a wonderful opportunity to slow down and  connect inwards & access a part of us that may been hiding under layers of condition thinking: our Inner Child, our Spirit.  Once…

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Creating Space for Play: the basics

A question that often comes up when chatting to mamas of little ones is: how do encourage my children to play independently, without constantly entertaining them? Children who play happily for short…

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Ways to Cultivate Calm at Meal times with Children

It’s a tricky time of the day. We are tired. They are tired. So how can we infuse a little more mindfulness and calm to the evening meal – which is really…

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Christmas preparations with kids: golden gingerbread biscuits

Sharing a favourite gingerbread biscuit to make with your little ones at Christmas time. They also make such a special treat to gift to friends and family. We always save…

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