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Imperfectly Patched Needle-book

A heirloom piece made using fabric scraps + fully hand stitched. This needle-book is the perfect projects for beginners and for an anxious mind. 

spring faeries
Seasonal Spring Faeries

Spring Faeries make a beautiful addition to your nature table hanging in some spring branches and a treasured gift to a little friend.  Made using 100% wool felt, silk, and wool. 

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Sleeping Doll

A simple sleeping doll to accompany your child into sleep time. Infused with your love, the familiar scent of a favourite onesie and the warmth of wool, a sleeping doll offers comfort and consistency to little ones at sleep times.

A Flower Garland

A simple garland for any celebration celebration. Made using 100% wool felt, silk and fabric scraps and wool. 

Doily Dolls

Learn the sacred art of doll making. These little doily dolls are made using old doilies and all natural materials (cotton & wool). They are made using a combination of techniques, the heads being inspired by waldorf traditional doll making. 

a little note from me

Making beautiful things with my hands is what I love most. I've been sewing since as long as I can remember. It's something that my soul must have known as a child was for me in this life. 

Sewing stills my mind. It brings me home to myself. It nourishes my own inner child. It brings more joy into my world. 

Even if you haver never picked up a needle and thread, (other than to maybe attempt sewing on a button!), I can say in all honestly I know you will be able to sew beautiful things.

All you need is a little courage to let go of perfection and a little guidance. I'll bring a little guidance, you bring the courage. See you in class. xx