Preparing for Easter with Children

by Natalie Trusler

Looking for some ideas for preparing for Easter with children? I’ve put together a mini ebook “Celebrating Easter” to help you create a magical Easter table and involve your children in the preparation.

As mamas we have such a wonderful opportunity to bring in a little magic & reverence to festivals such as Easter for our children, which can often end up being very commercial. Children love to feel a part of things and included in purposeful work. Preparing for festivals really provide beautiful bookmarks throughout the year for our little ones, which fill their world with a little more rhythm and wonder.

Take a look at here for a little more creative inspiration.

I am also very excited to offer some creative kits to help you set up a little Easter magic in your home. If getting creative isn’t usually your thing, or you are pushed for time in collecting all the bits and pieces, I’ve created some kits which include the materials you need.  If you’d like a kit version of the E-book, send me a note to for more details.


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