Soul Mentoring

for heart centred women

is a gift, a blessing, a sacred act….

But it can also be really freaking hard!


Tell me, Mama: do any of these sound like you?

  • Daily life as a mum feels like a grind — monotonous and mundane, with a lot of “gritting your teeth and getting through it”. You want to be treasuring these precious early years, but a lot of the time you just feel frustrated… which of course makes you feel All The Guilt.
  • You’ve been through so much change — pregnancy, birth, and now life as a mum — that sometimes you look in the mirror and wonder how you even got here? You’ve lost touch with the things that used to light you up and make you feel like yourself… partly because you’ve got zero time, and partly because you’re not even sure what you want any more?!
  • There’s something that’s got you totally stuck — maybe your child’s behaviour, your relationship with your partner, a blended family situation, or work/life decisions… It’s *really* getting to you, and is taking up way too much mental bandwidth. You want a solution, but are stumped as to what to do…
  • You’re struggling to balance work and home life (#beenthere). Or maybe, you want to ditch your old-school job and start something new altogether, but the idea of getting a business up and running is overwhelming. You just want some clarity (and some practical advice!) on how to get started and generate some momentum.
  • You really just want things to be a bit *easier* — mornings, evenings, mealtimes, all of it… You want to see more FLOW in your mothering, feel more connection (with your kids, your partner, and yourself), and just have more FUN in daily life. You can see that motherhood has so much magic in it… so why is it so hard to tap into that?

Wherever you’re at, whatever’s going on, one thing’s for sure:

you’re feeling called to make a change...


But finding the time and energy is tough. (So is trusting yourself and your intuition enough to know what you want and how to do it.)

So the thought of having someone on your side?

Someone who’s got your back?

Someone who can guide you through it, see what’s got you stuck, and keep you motivated and on track?

Well… that would feel pretty much like a miracle right now...

That's where


for Mamas

comes in!

This is one-on-one support from me to help you create the change and find the clarity you’ve been aching for.

Natalie Trusler-10

This kind of personalised support is powerful!

Having someone hold space for us as we journey through transition points in life enables us to move past limiting beliefs and create a new reality.

It also equips you with the tools and perspectives you need to reframe various situations, see your blind spots, and identify patterns that are no longer serving you.

In short, this is about helping you get where you want to go, be who you want to be, and create the life you long for… no matter how long you’ve been feeling stuck and stranded.

Why work with

a mentor?

For starters, having someone who’s outside your direct circle (and outside your own head!) helps you see your own “stuff” far more clearly than if you were trying to ‘go it alone’.

Secondly, an experienced mentor can help you map out your next steps (and even find shortcuts), so that you can make steady and intentional progress while avoiding common stumbling blocks.

Thirdly, simply having someone to hold space for you — and fully *see* you — is powerful beyond measure.

And finally — and perhaps most importantly — a mentor helps keep you accountable. It’s much harder to make excuses and continue to procrastinate when you’ve got someone by your side cheering you on.

Put simply, no matter what it is you’re wanting to create in your life, there’s no faster way to get to the next level than by working 1:1 with a mentor.

Think of these sessions like a burst of inspiration & clarity.

If you’re lacking motivation to make changes, unsure of what direction to move in, or feeling stuck in an unbreakable cycle… be ready to see that all shift.

Here’s how

the sessions work:

Once your payment is processed, you’ll receive a welcome email from me within 24 hours. This email contains your pre-session questionnaire PLUS a link to my calendar (so you can select a time and date that suits you).

You’ll then dive into the questionnaire, sending it back to me the day before our session. (Don’t worry, I’ll send you a reminder email!) That way, I can get to know you before we meet, and we can jump straight in the moment our session starts. I love to work with divination tools such as Oracle cards so this may be something I use to guide our session.

Then, when our allocated time arrives, we’ll meet over Skype for 60 mins of soulful support.

After your session, I’ll send you any notes or materials we discussed. (If you’ve opted for the 5-session package, I’ll also send you a link to my calendar, so you can book in for your next session.)

And as for what we focus on during your session?

Well, that’s entirely up to you...

Here’s a taster of the kinds of things I help my clients with:

  • Finding fulfilment and motivation when life (and motherhood) feels like one long grind.
  • Decision making. Especially when you’ve got a big choice to make, and can’t seem to figure out what the heck you actually want.
  • Dealing with overwhelm, and finding creative ways to inject some flow (and some me-time) into your day to day.
  • Dealing with a challenging partner, ex-partner, co-parent, in-law, etc. and finding ways to navigate these tricky relationships with ease and grace.
  • Reigniting your fire… for life, for motherhood, for your partner, for your goals, whatever.
  • Creative ways to implement new rhythms and routines for your family, in ways that suit your lifestyle and bring out the best in all of you.
  • Creating change that sticks… even if you’re prone to procrastination, self-sabotage, and lack of motivation. (And how to get your family on board for the ride!)

Basically, if you need to shift your energy in some way, to bring about a change in your life, yourself, or your relationships,


If you’re drawn to working with me,

you are probably...

… looking to make changes in your life. Something’s not working. Things aren’t flowing.

You’re wanting to invite in more ease, grace and just want to feel that feeling like you are co-creating with the universe. You want to feel more tapped into your higher self and able to be much more consistent in your emotional stability (especially when triggered by your children!)

In short, you’re seeking more harmony at home, and within yourself.


And no judgement, but mentoring with me is probably NOT for you if…

  • You’d rather make excuses than make change.
  • You’re not committed to going deep and looking within.
  • You’re looking for someone else to “fix” you and do the work for you.
  • You’d be better served by a qualified mental health professional. (I’m a mentor, not a psychologist or doctor. If I’m not the best person to serve you, I’ll tell you this straight up and am more than happy to point you in the right direction. ????)

“Ummm, this all sounds great… but why should I work with you?!”

Excellent question!

If we haven’t met before, I’m Natalie Trusler

When I’m not making banana pancakes with my kids (or wiping up sticky fingerprints!), I'm working on another online offering for my business. 

Since I started blogging back in 2010 I've created a successful online business sharing my passion for cooking, handcrafts and conscious child caring. 

Before having children I run a dynamic team of women for a global fund management. Buisne

I'm a Sagitarius with a capricorn what the heck does that mean? Well we could jsut say  deeply spiritual

Now I'm ready to share everything I've learnt 


ach #realworld mums the sacred arts of motherhood and homemaking, empowering them to find magic in everyday moments, build a meaningful home life for their family, and create a fulfilling version of motherhood that’s nourishing on every level.

I do this through books, guides, eCourses, meditations, and — of course — 1:1 mentoring.


My zone of genius is my intuitive ability to connect in with where my clients are stuck, and help them decipher those little snippets of soul whispers that can be so tricky to tune in to and figure out. 

It’s also worth mentioning: I’m a Beautiful You Life Coach, and have completed the Early Childhood Foundations course at the Sydney Rudolf Steiner College, along with countless courses and workshops studying various forms of energy modalities including meditation, mindfulness, shamanism + feminine wisdom.

The other important factor when choosing a mentor?


Finding someone who *gets* it. Who gets you. Who’s been through a similar journey and is a few steps ahead of you down the road.

So, let me assure you, there’s no “perfect mum” story here! My path is as real and full as yours — transitioning from corporate life, navigating a blended family, co-parenting, a partner who worked away for years, not to mention the usual ‘identity wobbles’ that come with motherhood… It’s been — and still is — a journey of growth, expansion and learning.

I’m proud to bring all my experiences to the table, and to be a container for you to share yours.

And I’d be honoured to stand by your side, hold space for you, and help you write a new chapter in your story...

So tell me dear one

are you ready to share your magic with the world?


You’ve got two options to choose from:

awaken your magic

  • You have ALL the ideas and need to refine OR are a little lost with your creative ideas. This is the ideal session to talk it through with someone.
  • 1 x 45 minute Skype session


$1495 $997
  • Perfect for those wanting to make big shifts, map out all their next steps, and get the accountability (and motivation!) of ongoing support.
  • 5 x 60-minute Skype sessions
  • Deep Dive Questionnaire
  • 3 months to use all your sessions
  • Payment plan available
  • Save $498

All prices are in Australian Dollars.
Terms and conditions can be found here.


Burnings Questions


“Natalie helped me remain authentic to myself.”

“After talking with Natalie, I always come away feeling re-invigorated to follow my path: to trust in my vision and stay connected through both my head and heart to ensure I am remaining authentic to myself.”

Lisa Williment, Mama of 4, Founder Atelier34

"I have been so blessed to work one on one with Natalie."

"What she embodies through her online work, she embodies in person. Natalie holds such beautiful space for her clients. Her meditation offerings are my daily "go-to" whilst mothering 20 little ones each day. Nat’s work and insight into creating magic and sacredness in childhood and daily life are a healing balm in today’s society. Thank you dear Nat."

Bess, Steiner/ Waldorf Early Childhood Educator

Natalie Trusler-75
One Final Note...

There will be plenty of women who read this page, feel full-on *relief* that there’s someone out there who gets what their going through, and feel a sense of hope that maybe there’s light at the end of the tunnel….

… but still not take any action.

Maybe because they got called on to cut up (yet another) apple or adjudicate (yet another) argument, and simply forgot.

Maybe because they still think they need to “be strong” and “sort this out themselves”.

Or maybe because they click away to “think about it”, and this page promptly gets buried in the 73 other tabs open in their browser (and mind!) and they never come back to it (or is that just me?!).

If this is you, and you are reading these words wondering whether to work together, remember that without fresh ideas, insights, and perspectives, the easiest things to spot are reasons why it’s ‘too hard’. We’ve ALL been in that awful headspace before. It sucks, and saps your energy like crazy.

On the other hand, working with a mentor instantly swings your attention from excuses to ‘next steps’. And as we all know, where your attention goes, your energy flows. It’s a guaranteed energy shift, and you’ll feel it from your first session.

I can't wait to help you find more flow and joy in your days.

Natalie xx

are you ready to get unstuck?

awaken your magic

  • You have ALL the ideas and need to refine OR are a little lost with your creative ideas. This is the ideal session to talk it through with someone.
  • 1 x 45 minute Skype session


$1495 $997
  • Perfect for those wanting to make big shifts, map out all their next steps, and get the accountability (and motivation!) of ongoing support.
  • 5 x 60-minute Skype sessions
  • Deep Dive Questionnaire
  • 3 months to use all your sessions
  • Payment plan available
  • Save $498

All prices are in Australian Dollars.
Terms and conditions can be found here.