Story Dolls

for Imaginative Childhood Play


Creative E-Workshop

Join me for this video workshop where you will learn to make story dolls for your child.

Story dolls are handmade with natural materials for our children to use in their creative play. 

These weighted dolls with a flat base are the perfect story telling prop for playgroup leaders, parents and of course children.


Simply add some coloured play silks/ clothes and some simple wooden or felt animals and you have hours of creative play just waiting! 


story dolls 1

These story dolls are created without facial features so that the doll can mould with the child's imagination....whether the doll is sleeping, awake, happy or sad is up to the child. 

Simple dolls without detailed faces really help our children develop the ability to form inner pictures.

A wonderful skill in our world today of screens screens and more screens! "Inner picturing" enhances our children's ability to think creativity.

Through dolls children learn about love, nurture and friendship. They provide a safe space for our children to "play out their day" and to express their emotions.

standing dolls peachblossom P-13

“The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things.”


What's included in the course?
  • An Introductory Video where I will talk you through (and show you) the materials you need for making standing dolls. You can then begin collecting or ordering the supplies you will need to make these little dolls.


  • I will also provide you with a list of various places you can source the materials including a 10% discount code for the beautiful online shop Indigo Inspirations. 


  • Story Doll Making Course Material ready for you to print. This 32 page Instructional Guide with colour images of each step will walk you through the process of story doll making. Inside the guide you will also find a list of materials needed, notes on the materials + supplies to help you create your own beautiful story telling dolls.


  • Story Doll Printable Pattern Sheets


  • 17 Step by Step Videos to complement to the Course Material, teaching you every step of the way. Sometimes you really need to watch how something is done, so these videos are just like I am there walking you through the process.



What happens when I sign up for the course?

As soon as you sign up for the course, you will receive an email with a link to our beautiful membership portal and your own unique login details. Once you login you will find all the course material ready to download and the videos waiting for you to watch.


The course includes full colour step by step instructions & videos to guide you through the magic of doll making ...

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 10.37.21 am
Mandy Final Testimonial Image


"I've been patiently waiting for Natalie's Story Doll course and it didn't disappoint. The videos and supporting material were very informative yet simple enough for a lay crafter as myself. Even my daughters (8 and 10) were able to follow along.

We have now created 6 dolls between us and the joy and pride this has left us with is magical! I look forward to creating many more Story Dolls for my work and for friends. Thank you Natalie!"

Mandy, Mama of 3, Founder of Little People Nutrition 

Your Questions Answered...


Absolutely. Even if you have never picked up a needle and thread before, I believe that through the videos and course material you will be able to make a story doll. I've taught many "non-believers" to sew and I truely believe that if you want to learn then you are half way there!

What Type of Dolls will I make?

The course will teach you to make the perfect story telling doll, these small standing dolls are about 15cm tall, with a flat base and weighted so that they can stand. The dolls don't have arms or faces (just rosy cheeks!) and are loved by children for creative play + storytelling.

You also get access to the Story Dolls Advanced Course as a Bonus, which will teach you to add arms to your dolls and different hair techniques & fibres you can use. 


Are the Materials Included?

No, at this time I am not offering material kits, however this may be something I do in the future.

In the course material you will receive the details of everything that you need to gather and some possible suppliers. You will also receive a 10% off coupon code to purchase your materials through Indigo Inspirations - a beautiful Steiner Inspired online shop here in Australia. 


What size are the Story dolls?

The Story dolls included in this course are about 15-16cm tall, depending on the hair style you choose and about 7-8cm wide, again depending on how you dress your doll.


Will I get patterns for the dolls?

Yes the course includes patterns to make the basic story dolls including the option of clothing (apron or cape) and a crown.  The patterns are ready for you to print and cut out. 


What if I get stuck?

If you get stuck just send us an email at explaining what you are having trouble with, or maybe easier for you, record a quick video of your doll + problem and email it to us, and we will send you back some help.   



Let me introduce you to the story dolls...

So my dear friend, that is hopefully everything you need to know about the course. If you have any questions please DM me on Instagram or email me here.

I look forward to seeing your gorgeous story dolls popping up on instagram!

Natalie x

Story Dolls Gallery....

Here are some of the dolls made by me & most importantly the beautiful women in the Story Doll E Workshops!

Megan story dolls

The beautiful story dolls above were made by Megan


The beautiful story dolls above were made by Taryn 

Screen Shot 2021-09-16 at 9.43.32 pm


Story Dolls Advanced Workshop


The Story Doll Advanced Workshop includes:

✨  A pattern sheet for adding arms to your story dolls

✨ A pattern sheet for the Little Henry Doll (pictured)

✨ 4 Videos demonstrating adding arms

✨ 2 Videos of different hair fibres & techniques 

✨ Watch me create an outfit for the Little Harriet Doll (49 minutes of my creative process)


Bonus Workshop Valued at AUD$47

Join us for the story doll nativity sew along...

The Nativity Sew Along is an add-on to the Story Doll Workshop and will help you create your own nativity scene, in particular a Mary & Joseph doll and a baby.  

**Begins 25 October 2021**

Included in the Nativity Sew Along is:

1. Q&A support from me in our facebook group

2. Community - there is nothing like sewing along with a group of others

2. A little library of videos to help you transform your Story Dolls into Mary & Joseph + make a Baby

3. The (brand new) Making Formed Doll Faces Mini Workshop to teach you to create a formed Waldorf doll head with eyes & mouth

4. New Patterns for Mary & Joseph dolls

5. A Behind The Scenes of my Nativity set up, to offer you inspiration for our own

6. Discount code for the Sew Soft Toys book (which is what I use to make my felt animals for the Nativity)

......Basically everything you need to create your own beautiful Nativity scene.  

Already a member of Story Dolls?

Send us an email and we will send you a link for you to join the Nativity Sew Along.

The Nativity Banner Final with Text

Come and join us and learn the magic art of doll making

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JOIN the Story Doll Workshop

A$57 one time payment
  • 17 Step by Step Videos + Introductory Video
  • Beautiful Guide Book (incl. step by step instructions + colour photos)
  • Printable Patterns
  • ✨ BONUS!!! Story Dolls Advanced Course
  • + 10% discount code for Indigo Inspirations (material supplier)

JOIN the Story Doll Workshop PLUS the Nativity SEW ALONG

A$77 one time payment
  • Full access to the Story doll workshop (incl. bonus advanced course)
  • Q& A Support from Natalie
  • Access to the Nativity Sew Along Facebook group community
  • A little library of videos to help you transform your Story Dolls into Mary & Joseph
  • The (brand new) Formed Heads Mini Workshop to teach you to create a formed Waldorf doll head with eyes & mouth
  • New Pattern for Mary & Joseph
  • A Behind The Scenes of my Nativity set up, to offer you inspiration for our own
  • 10% discount on Sew Soft Toys Book (inlc. patterns for donkey, sheep, camel etc)

“Thank you so much! I am so excited to create some birthday magic for my little girl. You didn't only gift me with the items but you have given me something much better, the inspiration to dive into my creative mind again and I am so happy! I am quite a creative person and since having my two little ones I had lost that part of me. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for lighting that spark in me again. ”