the Story of BEEING….showing up as your next level self NOW


Are you sitting on a creative dream?

A yearning in your heart to create something of your own, to share your art, your message, your life’s work?

You know you’re keeping your magnificence and magic locked up inside but there is so much fear or maybe overwhelm in knowing how to bring it to life?

I know these feelings all too well and I want to share something that has helped me…..


You can’t create your vision and your magic trying to be the current version of you.


Have you noticed?

It’s scary to do something new, to share yourself in a way that the world has never seen you before, even if it’s the way you’ve always seen yourself.

(( most often it is how you’ve always seen yourself and what you’ve always known)

I love the quote by Marianne Williamson –


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.


Sit with it for a moment.

If you’re been trying to push yourself to create or start ‘the thing’….

Notice what comes up when you read that.

Feel how expansive it feels to realise that maybe it is your own incredible magnificence and power that is frighting you.

To move into the next level version of ourselves, we need to leave the current version behind, along with all the stories we have been telling ourselves for however long.

Letting go can feel hard for most of us, even though we know that there is a new beginning on the other side.

So understand that there is a part of you that will fight to keep the old stories and “stuckness”, as in some way it shapes part of your identity.

But there comes a time when you simply just need to get sick of your own bullshit and excuses.


Time to step into the next level version of yourselves with full trust, full knowing that you’ve followed the whispers and that you are answering the call of your soul.

The most important thing it requires from you is the shift in frequency.

I think most of us feel like it comes from doing things differently but in my experience,

the DOING is always secondary to the BEING.

The doing will come into alignment easily once you start BEING that next level version of yourself.

((random fact – I almost changed the name of my blog in 2015 to “the story of beeing”…..I love the play on the spiritual message of the bee and the focus on being and not doing. ))

So if it feels like something is blocking you from sharing your magnificence.

Maybe you think of it as self sabotage (or perhaps ‘the upper limit problem’ as Gay Hendricks talks about in his book “the Big Leap”….)

Whatever you call it, know that it is simply an indication that it is time to step out of those old stories and embody what it is that you are stepping into.

Your energy and frequency is everything.


Journal prompt:

What simple move could you make today to start BEING more who you need to be to start seeing your idea/ creative dream/ writing/ art/ business – whatever it is – start moving forward?



P.S. I work with free spirited women who are clear that they have magnificence locked inside them (That’s probably you if you’re reading this). I help them pinpoint their zone of genius & find the courage and self belief to birth it into the world. I’m the doula your ideas have been waiting for 😉



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