The Connected Mother

light codes to elevate your frequency

The long days spent caring for our children can leave us feeling fatigued and often lost as to where to begin in terms of self care.

Not to mention that most of us aren't very good at prioritising our own needs & desires!

What if I told you that being a little more selfish could be one of your super powers as a Mother?

Getting your needs on your "to-do" list may just be the magic shift you need to begin thriving and being filled with energy for the demands of child caring.

It will also bring up so much guilt and resistance because we are taught that talking care of us is selfish....I'm here to help you see the magic in loving yourself more.

Join me as I share some of my key learnings from the past 12 years of parenting and navigating my own self care & needs.



Our journey starts 22 February 2022

The Connected Mother

light codes to elevate your frequency

women gathered, one (virtual) circle, all the shifts.

You will learn ways to honour yourself and to create a deeper connection to your own inner world.

What's included?

Pre-work when you sign up including Audio

4 Live Calls with Natalie on the Four Core Modules (replay will be available)

Fb group to connect, ask questions & share your journey

Beautiful 38 page booklet

Forever Access


and these Bonuses:


Interpreting Oracle Cards Video

Creating Sacred Spaces Audio

Infuse Calm 10 minute guided meditation


This is for mothers

seeking a deeper connection

& desiring to prioritse their

needs & desires
the work we will do together...
4 weeks of conversations to elevate your frequency 
  • Pre-Work (as soon as you sign up) Awareness & Intentions
  • Week 1: Mindset Mastery  
  • Week 2: Sacred Self Care
  • Week 3: Beautiful Boundaries
  • Week 4: Radical Responsibility

This is for the women who are called to deepen their commitment to themselves, so they can be more present with their children (& fulfilled in themselves)

Join me for heartfelt sharings over 4 weeks, where I will share simple practices and tool that you can implement in your everyday. I always share my personal experience and will answer your questions to help you on your journey.

The Connected Mother will be a beautiful experience for those looking to receive guidance around how they can love & care for themselves more. With the added benefit that when you are refueled & fulfiled, you are a happier mother, partner, friend....

Join me and let's see what magic comes through.

Join The Connected Mother

$88 AUD
  • 5 Audio trainings on our core modules
  • 2 Live Q&A Calls with Natalie
  • Beautiful 30 page booklet including our 5 'Connected Light Codes' for you to print
  • Lifetime Access