Soul Mentoring

for creative women

I work with women wanting to discover their creative magic...with authenticity, grace and grounded presence.

This is about helping you get out of your own way and start taking the steps to create your vision ..… no matter how long you’ve been feeling stuck and stranded.

Remember why you came here.

connect with your truth

ground into your gifts

Share your Magic
Welcome beautiful soul

I'm Natalie and as well as sharing my creative work here, I'm devoted to helping other women tap into their creative magic.

Whether you are feeling lost in your own unique expression and gifts or wanting some motivation to start a project, I'd love to guide you.

This is not just for woman wanting to share their work with the world, but also for those wanting to create a deeply nourishing creative practice to bring them home to themselves. 

I can help you: 

  • Tap into your unique gifts.
  • Ignite your creative spirit and bring more joy into your everyday. 
  • Let go of limiting beliefs keeping you trapped in an outdated reality and hold you back from sharing your magic with the world. 
  • Connect to your intuition and your unique way of accessing your own guidance.
  • Get clear on the next steps to implement your project or vision in the world. 
Creativity is a portal into your Soul...
I'd love to help you open that doorway so that you can bring more joy and energy into your everyday. 


If you have any questions simply drop me a note on the contact form or DM me on Insta and I'll get back to you.


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Testimonial Circle

"I loved that you took the time to help me see what I actually would enjoy working on, rather than what I saw as a potential income stream. My end goal is no longer clear- which doesn't sound like a benefit, but for me it really is! We tore down the inauthentic brand I was unsuccessfully trying to build, took a big step back, and I've done A LOT of self exploration. I feel so much less pressure to create content now that I'm sharing what I love. I can't wait to see what materializes from it all down the road!

Worth every penny. Natalie is honest and tells you what you need to hear, even when it's not what you want to hear. And she does it in a fun, loving way that feels like you're having tea with an old friend."

Lish Cieslak

I'd love to guide you back home to yourself and ignite your creative spirit.