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Hi, I'm Natalie

I'm a mama of 3 children and creative maker of all things magical, living in the beautiful hinterland on the east coast of Australia.

My ebook Magical Birthdays for Children: A guide to creating wholehearted & mindful celebrations has offered inspiration & creativity to thousands of parents around the world.

My interest in hand stitching started when I was a child - inspired by my mum and both my grandmothers who sewed....and I have been hand sewing little treasures of all kinds ever since!

I believe that prioritising our creativity is essential to our wellbeing & living a full & beautiful life....It's so easy for us to get caught up in the monotony of everyday (especially when we're in the season of motherhood) but I'm here to help you make time to nourish your soul with some creative making!

I’d love to help you get started on your hand sewing journey - jump on the waitlist for the Sewing Circle here or take a look at my other doll making classes.

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Learn to make whimsical hand stitching projects for a magical childhood, while delighting your own creative spirit!


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Join me for a heartfelt chat where I talk about all things soul purpose. This free mini masterclass is for any woman at the beginning stages of exploring her soul work and seeking clarity around her purpose.

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Let me Inspire you with the
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Includes a printable Heartfelt Guide to Tooth Fairy Magic, Tooth Fairy Pouch Video Workshop & Pattern Sheet.

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Waldorf Inspired Magical Mermaids

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Waldorf Inspired Butterfly Baby to Soothe Your Soul

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Waldorf Inspired Unicorn Felt Pouch

Birthday Gifts for Children: A Waldorf Inspired Unicorn Felt Pouch

This Waldorf Inspired Unicorn Felt Pouch is one of my favourite projects from the Magical Birthdays ebook! These lovely pouches make very simple and easy gifts for a child’s birthday. Tuck a special crystal or other treasure from Mother Earth…

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