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The Happy Child is your roadmap to creating a nourishing home life to support

happy children

Does life with little children feel chaotic and you are struggling to find flow and ease in your days?

You’re all too familiar with falling into the busyness of everyday and you desperately want to create a home life that deeply supports your growing children.

Do you want to create more calm + connection with your children and less rush?

Would you love to introduce nourishing rituals and rhythms into your home life, but you’re not sure

where to begin?

If you’re nodding your head right now, then you’re in the right place, because I created The Happy Child for you.

The practical lessons in The Happy Child are the foundations that I return to time and time again to infuse my children’s days with ritual, comfort and a little magic. 

You will feel calm and clear on where you should focus your attention, to create strong home rhythms to support your WHOLE child - mind, body + soul.

Hi, I’m Natalie

as a Mama of 3 children, I know first hand how challenging creating a happy home that nourishes our children can be.

I spent 13 years juggling a blended family + 3 years single parenting while we took sometime apart from our marriage. And let me be fully transparent and tell you I am no perfect mama. I have good days and I have not so good days. But day after day I am committed to being the best version of me and the most conscious parent I can be for my kids.

Over the years through early childhood studies, research and plenty of trial and error I’ve learnt a thing or two about essential home rhythms for little children.  

The Happy Child will give you the practical steps + motivation you need to create nourishing home rhythms & rituals and I’d be honoured to guide you through the essential foundations. 

I created this course for

Mamas who are ...
  • Seeking more FLOW at home with little children
  • Excited to infuse more MAGIC + MINDFULNESS into their homelife
  • Ready to RE-INVIGORATE their commitment to cherish child caring
  • Needing to RESTORE balance at home for their children’s wellbeing (and their own!)
"Helped us to honour our children's childhood and make even the ordinary a little bit special."

"My husband and I loved working through the Happy Child. So many things have made a lasting impact on our family life especially the daily/ weekly rhythm cards - we still have them on our fridge and refer to them daily. But mostly it helped us to infuse our days with slow and gentle rhythms and rituals that helped us to honour our children’s childhood and make even the ordinary a little bit special. Thank you!"

Emily Jordan

"Natalie is truly talented and inspiring in what she is bringing to young families around the globe…

... In a time when children have to all too often fit in with the lives of the adults around them, Natalie offers parents reminders to bring the focus back to the needs of our young children, and the importance of the home for them".

Kristy, Mama & Steiner Early Childhood Teacher

"As a Mama of three it's easy to fall into stale old patterns that move our family along from one day to another yet don't nourish and enrich our lives."

...The Happy Child brought me back to my deep belief in the power of homemaking. Full of real, practical tools coupled with Nat's beautifully gentle and encouraging way, this course allowed my husband and I to reflect on the flow of our days and implement lasting change for ourselves and our family. The Happy Child has been such a gift in our world and we are so thankful for Nat's guidance."

Steph, mama of 3, Founder of Green and Growing Things


Your course and resources are amazing, I was so pleased to see a reference to Magda Gerber! I haven’t found many people who are familiar with RIE.



"I loved learning about the importance of creating a ritual around meal time. The course gave me lots of ideas! I sewed each family member a placemat with their name on it, I printed up the mealtime blessing cards and we all sit together as a family for mealtimes. 

My kids now take ownership of setting the table and take their placemats VERY seriously!!! Dinner is so much more than just eating, we chat, laugh and listen to music. Thank you for the beautiful course and ideas!! Its bought alot of joy to my house and I regularly check back in for a refresh."

Elli Anderson - Midwife and Mama of 4

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covers the following topics:


Present Parenting + Nourishing the Whole Child

In this introductory module you will get clear on what it means to be a present parent and why this is so important to the wellbeing of your child. 

We will also be looking at the needs of young children and how you can deeply nourish your child - body, mind + soul.


The Wonder of Rhythm

This is where we explore the concept of rhythm, why it is an essential part of your child’s life and how it can help you see more flow in daily parenting. You will learn practical ways to begin infusing rhythm into your home and with your child. You will have time to reflect on what is and isn’t working in your home life at the moment and the areas that require your attention. You will begin implementing rhythm in your home, in a way that resonates most with you and your family values.


Nourishing Mealtimes

This module is your opportunity to set yourself up for success at mealtimes with little ones. We will look at the importance of nourishing mealtimes for our children and how we can create rituals and rhythms to support our children at this often challenging time of the day. You will learn my two golden rules when it comes to simplifying meals in your home and I will help you to feel energised to begin making mealtimes a beautiful time of connection and cosiness.


Soothing Sleep

We all know the importance of sleep, but actually getting our child to sleep is a whole other story...(am I right?!) In this module we will look at why you may be experiencing challenges with your child at bedtime and how to approach these. We will consider the importance of storytelling and get clear on age appropriate stories and the wonder of fairy tales for your child.  You will be inspired by the various bedtime rituals and rhythms that you can begin implementing right away with your child.


Creating Space for Play

In this module we get back to basics and look at how we can create a nourishing play space for our child without all the bells and whistles that we are often led to believe that we need. We will consider the essentials for indoor and outdoor play spaces, as well as getting clear on the important role we play in facilitating self initiated and self directed play.


Creating a Cosy Home + Mindful Spaces for Children

In our final module we will consider the importance of creating a supportive home environment for our child. We will look beyond the physical space and explore ways that we can energise our home so that it offers a true sanctuary for our family. You will also get clear on how to create mindful and intentional spaces for our children that not only support them but assist us in daily parenting.

How does the Course work?

1. The Happy Child is an ‘on demand’ digital course, meaning that all the course material is available on enrolment.  

2. When you sign up, you will receive an email with your course login and immediately gain access to the members portal with all the course materials, ready for you to begin learning.

3. You will receive regular emails from me every few days, keeping you on track with your learning and prompting you to log-in.

4. You get lifetime access to The Happy Child, so you can pop back anytime to dip into the lessons and resources as needed.  If the course changes form, you will always be given notice to download all course material and videos. 

"Helped me create an atmosphere of love, warmth and calm in our home that I was craving."

"I have loved the happy child e- course and got so much out of it. With 3 small children and one on the way, it’s been a blessing to be able to take it at my own pace. 

The biggest help in our home has been around rhythm and mealtimes. There is much more reverence around the dinner table now with the mealtime blessing cards and lighting of a candle. We’re using the daily rhythm pictures and I’ve simplified the children’s toys and books and will be much more intentional about what we bring into the home.

Apart from ALL the useful tips, your course has really helped me create an atmosphere of love, warmth and calm in our home that I was craving. Thank you for all that you offer."

Camilla White - Mama of 3

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A video introduction on how the course will run including how to use the resources inside the program.


Two introductory topics - Present Parenting + the 12 Senses of the Child, which will be delivered by video + beautifully designed supporting materials to get us ready to dive into the course work when the course begins in week 1.


Motivational videos for each module to keep you on track and accountable to yourself.


Weekly emails to introduce the topics and offer you encouragement to make the shift to implement healthy home rhythms for a happy child.


Delightfully designed materials that will dive into our core content and support your journey through the course, including weekly worksheets + journaling prompts.  You will also be able to download this as a complete E-book


Beautifully illustrated Daily Rhythm Picture Tiles, ready to print out and create your own daily rhythm “visual guide” for your child.


Two Meal Planners - one for weekly meal planner and one to create your own rotating meal plan. Ready to help you start infusing the magic of meal planning in your home.


Parent Affirmations for you to print and pin up, for those times you need reminding of the important work you are doing caring for your little ones.




Creative Workshop

Make a Sleeping Doll for your Child

A sleeping doll is a very simple soft doll that accompanies your child into sleep time. Infused with your love, the familiarity of a favourite shirt or top and the warmth of wool, a sleeping doll offers comfort and consistency to little ones at sleep times.  

In this video workshop I shall guide you step by step through making a simple sleeping doll using salvaged + recycled materials. Through the 10 video lessons you will learn the basics skills of natural doll making and feel confident to create your own doll for your child.

Creating a sleeping doll is a beautiful way to build on your sleep time rhythm at this sacred time of the day or night for your child.

Valued at US$39, this video workshop is suitable for beginners.

"The Happy Child helped me reconnect with the fact that our presence is the most important thing we can offer our children. Just to be present with my children!"

"I remember a moment after the course where I was knitting and my children happily playing, such a fantastic feeling! I also really connected with the fact that children love simplicity and that helped me consider where I could simplify their day - It was also a great relief to learn this! I really love what you do, all the energy around it: thank you so much."

Cecile, Mama of 2

"The Happy Child and all your creative courses really, really inspired me to bring more magic, rhythm, consciousness, meditation and creativity to my parenting."

"All the beautiful pictures in your course are so motivating to help me transform our home rhythms + environments into something warm, nourishing and magical for all. I love how you combine anthroposophy with conscious parenting, meditation and the most beautiful creations.

Finding your instagram profile was one of the things that helped me get back on my spiritual path again and using it all in being a parent. I love your work, thanks again for sharing such beautiful gifts to the world. "

Lisette, Mama of 2


"...was making the ordinary (boring) routines into something special. We've gone from eating meals being just something we do, to making mealtimes an event! Setting the table, lighting a candle, ensuring the table is clear and looks beautiful, and saying a verse. We all sit and eat together with no screens allowed. It feels like we are having a special event 3 times a day!

Apart from ALL the useful tips, your course has really helped me create an atmosphere of love, warmth and calm in our home that I was craving. Thank you for all that you offer."

Emmy - Mama of 2


I had been pretty avidly following standard Dr. Sears-style attachment parenting and was getting exhausted. But reading about the importance of routine and boundaries as well as caring for myself helped me adjust to a more sustainable style of parenting. It also led me to explore gentle parenting as a lifelong commitment. That has been both healing to me as I process my childhood and has brought so much joy and connection to my relationship with my son. So I honestly can't thank you enough. It has absolutely changed my life.

Abi - Mama of 1

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Ready to bring ritual & magic
into your home?


Join the Happy child Now

Single Payment

one time payment
  • Weekly videos & emails to keep you accountable
  • Beautifully designed printable course guide book
  • Illustrated rhythm tiles/ pictures to create your own rhythm chart for your child
  • Access to recorded calls from previous live rounds
  • BONUS - Sleeping Doll Creative Workshop
  • Pricing in USD
My happiness promiseI created this program to help mamas, just like you. If for whatever reason once you purchase the course, you don’t believe the course is for you, simply send me an email within the first 30 days and I will buy it back from you. I wholeheartedly believe in the Happy Child and believe that when we fully invest ourselves in making changes, that we see shifts in our lives, but I also want you to feel comfortable making the investment.  For VIP Access - the cost of the course will be refunded however not the additional cost of personalised coaching/ support. 
"I absolutely loved this course and read through the material from time to time for motivation."

"I really connect with your parenting style and ideas especially your cooking style. The course gave me lots of inspo as a first-time mum and gave so much fuel to make some positive changes. My daughter loves your blessing cards and the daily rhythms's helped create a bit of calm. I could not believe have much info it had, so well thought out.


Commonly Asked Questions

I’d love to answer any other questions that you may have before jumping into the course,
just drop me a note and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Let me tell you about the happy Child

A little peek inside...

I'll save the rest for inside the course!!