This is

for the mamas...

The ones with big dreams and even bigger hearts.

Who believe in the power of Mother Nature, butterfly kisses, and home cooked meals.

Who want to find more joy in the little moments — even when life gets messy.



I’m Natalie Trusler.

I’m Mama and Step-Mama to 5 beautiful children and wife to Oliver.

When I’m not making banana pancakes with my kids (or wiping up sticky fingerprints!), I teach #realworld mums the sacred arts of motherhood and homemaking, empowering them to find magic in everyday moments, build a meaningful home life for their family, and create a fulfilling version of motherhood that’s nourishing on every level.

… but it took me a while to get to this point!

It’s the biggest transition, isn’t it —

stepping into motherhood?


Or rather, diving in headfirst with your eyes squeezed shut and no idea what you’re doing!

It’s easy to lose your sense of identity. Especially because it can feel like your whole world has suddenly changed forever — from your relationship, to your body, your sleeping patterns, your day to day life… all of it!

Of course, the payoff is huge: little humans who you love with every fibre of your being.

But the learning curve? That’s huge too!


And my story is

no exception.

I’ve been on a path of growth since Day #1 of motherhood...

But my learning curve hit a steep bend with the birth of my second child...

I was juggling two children at home, a husband often away on work travel, two stepchildren, the loss of identity that comes from leaving a successful corporate job, and enduring my Saturn return...

In amongst all that, I was also trying to be the “perfect mum” — cooking wholefoods from scratch, co-sleeping, breastfeeding, keeping a beautiful home, doing fun activities with the kids, looking after our fur baby, being a good partner… all of it.

 I was convinced I could do everything

on my own

And not only did I have crazy SUCH high standards for myself, I didn't even know what #selfcare was all about…In hindsight, it was only a matter of time before the cracks started to show.

It started with trouble sleeping. Then I began experiencing anxiety and panic attacks. Anyone who's tried to parent two small children on a few hours sleep will know that trying to drag yourself out of bed when you are utterly exhausted is all kinds of crap. I knew my soul was trying to speak to me, but I didn’t know how to quieten the noise to hear what it was saying.

The stress of everything was taking its toll and it became clear that something higher than me was trying to get my attention. And worse, I felt like I didn’t even have TIME to work out what to do about it.


Then a well-intentioned doctor suggested medication as a way to “fix” things… and something inside me clicked into place.

I knew full well this wasn’t a problem that could be solved with pills and prescriptions. Deep down, I knew my spirit was nudging me to make some changes to my LIFE — anything else would be a bandaid at best.

And figuring out what those changes were — and how to make them — was where the work began.

And it was when I made this commitment to my soul’s path, that the universe showed me my next steps.


Cue the start of my

spiritual journey...

Kinesiology, meditation, acupuncture, shamanism, metaphysics, and many other forms of energy work… I did all of it. As I kept following the little signs the universe offered me, I would stumbled across the next teacher.

I also made plenty of time for stillness and reflection, began following the moon cycles, gathering with women in circle, and awakening the deep feminine wisdom within me. (I even went on a vision quest — 3 nights in the Australian bush. It was pretty awe-inspiring.)

Doing the work stretched me, and was deeply uncomfortable at times. But step by step — sometimes inch by inch — I carved out a new path for myself. One that honoured my spirit, not stifled it. One that was guided by my intuition… not by worries about what I *should* be doing.



In short, I found my way back to me — but a new me.
An evolved me.

A me that was connected to a deeper sense of peace + flow.

This new version of me began finding balance in our home — slowing down to actually BE in the moment. Seeking pleasure and purpose in the everyday. Finding my way to the things that had lit me up when I was a child — art, handcrafts, sewing. And finding new joy in the simple moments of my day — cooking, walking the dog, collecting gumnuts and garden treasures with my little ones.

I found balance in my relationship and no longer felt a sense of co-dependancy (that so often seems to come as we give up a career to have children).

Oh, and I now prioritise my self care (in whatever form that takes on each day) and I've learnt to really honour my boundaries.


And best of all, I let go of any notions of aiming for

Along the way, I also came to realise an important truth:

Our children are here to

teach us.

They’re not trying to make our life hard; they’re actually our greatest spiritual teachers.

So those difficult times when feeling All The Feels with two kids by my feet? And all those tears and tantrums (both theirs and mine)?

They weren’t detours or diversions on the path…

They were the path.

And I was finally ready to lean into it wholeheartedly — and eventually, to share what I’d learned with other mamas.

These days

I teach women the sacred arts of motherhood & homemaking...

From seasonal living, to mindfulness + self care, to creative handcrafts, to wholesome cooking, and so much more.

But it’s worth pointing out:

This isn’t about making the perfect home-cooked apple crumble in order to be a ‘domestic goddess’ or to impress your Insta-followers!

This is about turning the simple act of picking apples, measuring out the flour, and stirring the batter INTO your spiritual practice.

This IS the work.

It’s in these everyday acts where we can access sacred connection with our children, with Mother Earth, with our partners, and with ourselves.


My favourite quote ever is from Marianne Williamson:

‘There is no single effort more radical in its potential for saving the world than a transformation of the way we raise our children.'

And that’s what this online hub is all about: transforming the way we raise our children.

… and in the process, transforming ourselves.

Along the way,

I also came to realise an important truth


For your kids, it means a conscious childhood — one brimming with nature, memories, meaning, and love.

For your relationship, it means growth — more connection, more alignment, more joy in the simple moments.

And for you?

It means redefining motherhood on your own terms.

It means creating a life that fulfills and nourishes you.

And it means stepping into your full, formidable power and feeling like *you* again.

It’s not always easy, it’s not always neat...
But mama? It’s always, always worth it.


I want to be really clear about something...

… I’m still on the journey!

In no way is my life perfect. Nor are my kids — despite what the gorgeous pics on my website would have you believe!

I think it’s so important that as mums, we’re honest with each other. That we let each other see the messiness and the imperfections and the cracks… after all, that’s where the light comes in.

So that is my commitment to you — this is a space for transparency, honesty and truth.

Yes, there are pretty recipes, awesome craft projects, and photos of my kids looking angelic (!)

But I’m also here for the flipside. I’m here to share it all — the challenges, dips and troughs too.

We owe that to each other, don’t you think?


Because even though it can be confronting, and even though it can be hard, that’s where the growth — and the gifts — are to be found.

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They say it takes a village...

And I'd love to be a part

of yours.

This space is for you. I’m here for you. Let’s find magic — and make magic — together, even in the messiest moments of mamahood.

Thanks so much for being here,

Natalie xx

Conscious Mama's


To get re-inspired by motherhood, raise your frequency, and bring some everyday magic to your home...