Hi, I'm Natalie
I'm a mama of 3 children, passionate about weaving magic and ritual into everyday life......

I guide free spirited mothers home to themselves, through the creative art of hand sewing & through my soul evolution mentoring.

My much loved guide Magical Birthdays for Children has become a go to book for thousands of parents and I've taught mothers all around the world how to create simple handcrafts to bring intention & magic to milestones for their children.

I'm honoured to have you land here in my online space.

If you hang around with me, I'll remind you to believe in yourself and what your heart desires. Your soul is always talking to you and guiding you. It's your compass for creating a magical and beautiful life.

P.S. You can take a read of my popular post "Your Frequency is Your Magic" here.

creating with our hands

creates connection : delights our spirit : soothes our soul
you'll love it here if...
  • You want to learn to sew and make beautiful handmade items for your children (and maybe even yourself!)
  • You'd like to bring more ritual & beauty into your home life
  • You'd love to learn to connect to yourself  & your soul on a deeper level

I believe the most powerful thing you can do as a mother is to know yourself deeply. To trust what you feel in your heart. To believe in yourself.

a few things about me...
  • I love love love astrology  - I'm Sagittarius with an Aeries Moon & Capricorn Ascendent. My new love is Human Design. I'm a 6/2 (Role Model/ Hermit) Manifesting Generator with Sacral authority.
  • I'm a highly sensitive person. I feel and sense things most people don't. I always have. Purposeful work with my hands (cooking + sewing), time in nature, meditation and energy work nourishes me.
  • Children bring my spirit to life. I've been around little children my whole life and if I'm honest it's where I feel most myself. Little children are so open to wonder and magic, rules don't exist, spelling doesn't matter and time is plentiful (at least this is how I believe it should be)
  • Before children I managed a busy team (of amazing women) in funds management. Travelling every few months to Asia & Europe running the company's board meetings offered me incredible perspective (& lots of amazing experiences in other countries). I realised that working my way to the top of a corporate was NOT what my soul was here to do. But connecting with the people I worked with all over the world, hearing their stories and what dreams were in their heart & encouraging them to follow those whispers set my soul on fire!
  • I'm learning to be a good gardener. After living on 2 acres and enthusiastically planting many raised garden beds, I'm learning that for me less is more, especially while I have young children. I now have about 8 good sized pots filled with flowers, herbs & vegies. I see my plants & garden as a representation of my own self care & wellbeing. When they are wilting, it's time to slow down and drink in a little more slowness. Tending to them reminds me of the importance of nourishing my own soul.
  • One of my favourite quotes - “Do you pay regular visits to yourself? Start now.” Rumi

Conscious Mama's

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To get re-inspired by motherhood, raise your frequency, and bring some everyday magic to your home...

  • 3 Meditations, especially for mums (for zen at the push of a button)
  • The Mama Mindset Map — Your daily reminder to take care of yourself (includes 11 genius self-care ideas.)
  • 6 Gorgeous Mealtime Blessing Cards — Print them out for a beautiful daily ritual your kids will love
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