This is

for the mamas...

The ones with big dreams and even bigger hearts.

Who believe in the power of Mother Nature, butterfly kisses, and home cooked meals.

Who want to find more joy in the little moments — even when life gets messy.



I'm Natalie.

I’m Mama and Step-Mama to 5 beautiful children and wife to Oliver.

When I’m not making banana pancakes with my kids (or wiping up sticky fingerprints!), I teach mums the mothering arts + homemaking, so that they can create a home life that deeply nourishes their children while re-igniting their JOY in the monotony of motherhood.

… but it took me a while to get to this point!

It’s the biggest transition, isn’t it —

stepping into motherhood?

Or rather, diving in headfirst with your eyes squeezed shut and no idea what you’re doing!

It’s easy to lose your sense of identity. Especially because it can feel like your whole world has suddenly changed forever — from your relationship, to your body, your sleeping patterns, your day to day life… all of it!

Of course, the payoff is huge: little humans who you love with every fibre of your being.

But the learning curve? That’s huge too!


Finding my way

as a new Mama...

Leaving behind a successful corporate career in funds management, I did what we all strive for as parents...researched how to be the best parent I could for my little girl.

When my little girl was 6 months old I began attending a Waldorf/ Steiner mother baby group. Gathering with like minded mothers  as we followed the seasons and learnt about simple ways we could support our little ones, became the highlight of my week. The inspiration I gathered from those few hours fueled me through the long (often lonely) days caring for my baby.

Following a seasonal rhythm, slowing down to really connect with my child and working with my hands to make seasonal crafts + toys for my child, really ignited something within me.

I fell in love with hand making my little girl toys using natural materials and in particular was captivated by the beautiful art of Waldorf/ Steiner doll making.

I began teaching creative workshops in my home....

Sharing the art of hand making to celebrate the seasons with other mamas wanting to infuse handmade goodness into their homes and children’s lives. At the same time I was also sharing my creative parenting journey online.


But my learning curve hit a steep bend with the birth of

my second child...

In short I was trying to juggle too much… know how it is? two children at home, a husband often away on work travel, stepchildren, the loss of identity that comes from leaving a successful corporate job, and enduring the emotional intensity of my Saturn return...

Those simple things that had brought me so much joy with my first daughter seemed to be left behind amongst the busyness of life with two children including one highly sensitive child.

As a mother experiencing anxiety + overwhelm, I learnt first hand the importance of nourishing home rhythms, NOT ONLY FOR OUR CHILDREN BUT ALSO FOR OURSELVES.

Along the way, I also came to learn an important truth:

"The most important work of the parent with young children is the inner work on oneself"

Rahima Baldwin Dancy

It was learning this that fueled my commitment to my own wellbeing. I was introduced to the world of energy healing and for the next few years indulged myself in kinesiology, acupuncture, shamanism and all things intuition, meditation + metaphysics.

I went back to basics and found comfort in nurturing myself and my family with

daily nourishing meals & creating with my hands.


I started making plenty of time for stillness and reflection, began following the moon cycles, gathering with women in circle, and awakening the deep feminine wisdom within me. (I even went on a vision quest — 3 nights in the Australian bush. Which was pretty awe-inspiring.)

Doing the work stretched me, and was deeply uncomfortable at times. But step by step — sometimes inch by inch — I carved out a new path for myself. 

In short, I found my way back to me — but an evolved me.

A me that was connected to a deeper sense of peace + flow.  This new version of me began finding balance in our home — slowing down to actually BE in the moment.

These days

I love to encourage women to find the JOY in homemaking + slow down to cherish child caring...

From seasonal crafts with our children, wholesome cooking, to creating a comforting home environment and infusing magic + mindfulness into festivals + celebrations.

But it’s worth pointing out:

This isn’t about making the perfect home-cooked apple crumble in order to be a ‘domestic goddess’ or to impress your Insta-followers!

This is about turning the everyday moments of caring for our children, of peeling the apples and folding the washing into our spiritual practice (as hard as that can be some days).

My favourite quote ever is from Marianne Williamson:

‘There is no single effort more radical in its potential for saving the world than a transformation of the way we raise our children.'

And that’s what this online space is all about: transforming the way we raise our children.

… and truely cherishing child caring.


I want to be really clear about something...

… I’m still on the journey!

In no way is my life perfect. Nor are my kids.  I think it’s so important that as mums, we’re honest with each other. That we let each other see the messiness and the imperfections and the cracks… after all, that’s where the light comes in.


Ready to dive deeper?


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They say it takes a village...

And I'd love to be a part

of yours.

This space is for you. I’m here to encourage you to find the magic — and make magic, even in the messiest moments of mamahood.

Thanks so much for being here,

Natalie xx

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