Transform your experience of motherhood, shift your energy, & become the mama you were born to be with the...

Calm & Connected



Soul Care.... What does it mean and how it is possible to achieve it when caring for little humans?

Soul Care is the act of advocating for your own needs, setting boundaries and establishing habits to ensure the wellbeing of your own soul & spirit. In my eyes, this is the only way that we can be that calm & connected mama that we crave to be.

Your soul & spirit are what give you your sparkle, your passion & life force energy. When they are depleted, you aren't available for the magic that life has to offer, you tire easily of the "everydayness" of life and let's be honest, caring for children can feel depleting (even though you know it is seriously golden work!)

Through these soul care sessions you will be given a dose of soul nourishment to fill yourself up for the week ahead.

I will share insights from my own journey, practices that bring me into balance & reminders of what you can do to stay grounded & present amongst the demands of motherhood. You will begin to cultivate a relationship with your own inner world, get clarity on your own unique blend of soul care and how to begin implementing this in your daily life.

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