Her True Self will transform the way you believe in yourself, trust yourself, honour yourself and deeply know yourself.

In a world where we're taught that we need to be everything but ourselves.

what if, who you are is enough?

What if who you are right now, is more than enough. 

At a time in my life when I was lost in the depths of motherhood and desperately trying to discover who I was, trying to remember who I was beneath all the beliefs and experiences that I had accumulated over my life so far ...I heard these beautiful words shared by Theresa Kirr…

"come as you are, because as you are is enough"

The words sent shivers down my spine.

They spoke to me.

I wrote them down.

I still have that piece of paper on my alter. 

They’ve been my guiding light..helping me to step into my most authentic self without fear of judgment and perfection. 

Trusting that the things that I loved most was what I was here to share with the world.

Maybe they speak to you too?

Maybe like I was, you are seeking something?

Seeking more truth. more authenticity. more bliss. more joy. more magic.

You feel there is something standing between who you KNOW YOU ARE at your deepest essence and who you are being & living in your everyday.....

You are so familiar with that uncomfortable feeling of being stuck in an outdated version of yourself.

There is so much you have inside - creativity - words - insight, that you are simply not expressing.

I believe that agonising feeling,

is the self seeking the soul.  

It's your desire to know your truest self. 

To embody the YOU, you came here to be.

Your new way forward...

AWAKEN TO THE BEAUTY OF KNOWING YOURSELF... no longer do you subscribe to self doubt & indecision.


CONNECT TO YOUR DEEPEST DESIRES... living your life becomes not only a pleasure but truly liberating. 


TRUST YOURSELF, ALWAYS.... You're connected to your deep inner knowing and know exactly what you need to thrive. You are your own guru.


DISCOVER YOUR ESSENCE... Ignite your creative spirit and find those things that simply light you up. Practice them daily.


LAUNCH YOUR SOUL WORK... in whatever form this may look for you. Feel confident in your direction and clarity on your next steps.


NO LONGER living by “shoulds” and instead following your desires... Every day you feel an incredible sense of freedom in your ability to lead yourself.  

The essence of this offering

As creative women (& mothers) we spend a lot of time contemplating the ideas that find themselves into our thoughts.

We spend our days caring for our children, tending the errands associated with parenting & family life and working outside the home

....when those quiet moments come along, it's hard to know what actions to take to move forward...It's so easy to loose our commitment and direction to the work our soul is deeply beaconing us towards.

I know this as I've lived this path. Firstly pursing a corporate career which didn't fulfil my deeply creative soul and more recently as a mother of three children. All the while working through the self doubt, depression, indecision, lack of clarity and stuckness.

I've managed to navigate the whispers of my soul and the creative muse to create an engaged following, launch successful online offerings and share my creative work with the world.

Her True Self is the work that I've been doing for years 'on the side' with creative friends and women in my community. I now have the time & space in my everyday to share this offering with you.

Her True Self Mentorship will offer you a creative container to actualise your creative dreams & a friend (me!) to support & walk alongside you.

If you are no longer willing to ignore the whispers of your soul. You're so ready to remember who you came here to be & start living life as your true self, then you're in the right place. 

Her True Self is for you if...
  • You're ready to tap into your unique gifts & magic
  • You desire to share your gifts with the world (& need clarity around how to do this)
  • You are ready to unsubscribe from self doubt & indecision.
  • You would love to have someone to share the journey with
  • You love to be reminded of ways to stay connected to & guided by your Soul. 
  • You are ready to commit to your own wellbeing & growth

is a 3 month transformational mentorship for creative, sensitive & heart led women

This is a journey to come home to yourself. 

To awaken your creative sacred self.

To share your unique magic with the world. 

A journey you take with me walking along side you.

To support, mentor & witness you in your rebirthing.

This is everything about transformation

and nothing about a set curriculum. 

NOTHING is off topic.

YOUR uniqueness leads our work together. 

OUR conversations spark the tools I share with you. 

love notes

"Our time together has been life giving, even more than I ever expected it to be. Your support + wisdom have validated the importance of this journey.

The way you share yourself and your experiences is so inspiring and I loved how down to earth and approachable our sessions were. Working together has helped me in understanding my gifts more deeply and awaken to my soul desires. Thank you for all the guidance + wisdom, you have helped me enormously."

Meghan L

 "I loved that you took the time to help me see what I actually would enjoy working on, rather than what I saw as a potential income stream. My end goal is no longer clear- which doesn't sound like a benefit, but for me it really is! We tore down the inauthentic brand I was unsuccessfully trying to build, took a big step back, and I've done A LOT of self exploration. I feel so much less pressure to create content now that I'm sharing what I love. I can't wait to see what materializes from it all down the road!

Worth every penny. Natalie is honest and tells you what you need to hear, even when it's not what you want to hear. And she does it in a fun, loving way that feels like you're having tea with an old friend."

Lish Cieslak

Here's what you get:
  • 90 minute welcome call where we will dive deep into what it is you would like to create and aligning to your intentions & desired outcomes.


  • bi-monthly 45-minute zoom calls for 3 months - During these calls I will share my ideas, intuition & knowledge with you.  You will leave our calls with clear action items to begin implementing.


  • Voxer access in between calls for 'on the go' support' & check-ins. This is where the magic happens ✨ (Voxer is a walkie talkie app)  


  • Access to ALL of my courses including my membership for the duration of the mentorship.

What we will work on...
  • Bringing out our TRUEST ESSENCE, what you love to do and where you shine. We will also look at where you are holding yourself back from true self expression.
  • Tapping into your creative zone of genius to get CLARITY around what offerings you would like to bring into the world - online or offline.
  • The MINDSET SHIFTS & INNER WORK needed in order to embody your your soul work (and share it with the world if this is what is calling you)
  • GUIDANCE in setting up an online platform to share your soul gifts. If you have an online platform, we will look at ways to optimise these for simplicity & alignment. 
  • Possible REVENUE STREAMS for your creative business/ venture.  So that we can begin a pathway towards you being paid to be YOU while doing what you love. 
Your Investment (in you!)

$2,222 AUD in full

Pay upfront & save 15%


$666/ m AUD Payment Plan

Choose a four month payment plan of $666 per month (totalling $2,664) AUD)

If you have any questions, please email hello@natalietrusler.com

I can't wait to meet you.