Re-connect to your inner knowing, tap into your hearts desires & share your magic with the world

Her True Self is a bespoke mentorship journey, to decipher those soul whispers and birth your creative dreams.

Does this sound familiar?
  • You know you have something unique to share with the world, however articulating and presenting this is where you get stuck. 
  • You struggle with self doubt and indecision. You know you work best with some accountability and someone holding space for you.
  • You have little time or are in a busy season of life (hello motherhood!) but would still love to move forward with your ideas & dreams.
  • You get lost in the whispers from your intuition and how to actually bring this into the 3D world.
You'll find this mentorship valuable if...
  • You want to find your creative voice, feel more expressed and share what's been swirling in your heart.
  • You deeply desire forward momentum, and to wake up each day without doubting or questioning your path ahead.
  • You desire to use your gifts & magic in a tangible creative way, (& possibly provide future financial support for you.)
  • You want to align yourself to your human design & astrology blueprint to work with your energy (not against it!)
Imagine a new way forward...


... no longer do you let self doubt & indecision stop you moving forward.


.... you feel confident in connecting to your inner knowing and the wisdom you hold within. You take actions based on your intuitive insights. You are your own guru.


... feel the magic that happens when you share your creative expression in the world... whether this is your own creative practice or creating offerings to launch into the world.

The essence of this offering

For the woman who has lost track of the hours spent contemplating the dreams that have made their way into her heart...

Our days are filled with caring for children, tending the errands associated with parenting & family life and perhaps working outside the home.....that when those quiet moments finally arrive, it's hard to know what actions to take to move forward.

Our connection with ourselves can feel slippery and the path our soul is seeking, hard to grasp.

I felt this first as I pursed a corporate career in funds managements, and over the past 13 years as I've mothered three children and tried to balance the mundane-ness of everyday routines with my deeply creative heart.

I've felt the unease that feeling unexpressed can present in one's life.

I've journeyed the depths of depression, self doubt, indecision, lack of clarity and stuckness and despite feeling totally lost at times, I've stayed committed to trusting the "breadcrumbs" & synchronicities the universe delivered me.

In doing so, I've created offerings from my heart, that have in turn created an engaged following of beautiful women & a bountiful business that supports my family.

I believe you have magic inside you too.

Magic that wants to be birthed into the world in your own unique way.

Gifts that you've brought into this life to share ...and in the sharing you will find that your magic in fact offers you immense healing.

Her True Self Mentorship will offer you a supportive container to actualise your creative dreams & a friend (me!) to walk alongside you.

I've found the most growth when I've been in mentoring spaces & conversations with women further along the journey than me. Those that share from their heart and hold space for my unravelling...holding me to the vision my soul has for this life. That is my offering to you in this sacred journey together.

I've found the most growth when I've been in mentoring spaces & conversations with women further along the journey than me.

Those that share from their heart and hold space for my unravelling...holding me to the vision my soul has for this life.

That is my offering to you in this sacred journey together.

I will help you believe in your magic!
things we may cover...
  • Bringing out your TRUEST ESSENCE, what you love to do and where you shine. We will also look at where you are holding yourself back from your aligned self expression.
  • Tapping into your creative zone of genius to get CLARITY around what unique offerings you would like to birth into the world - whether online or offline.
  • Moving closer to what your HEART & SOUL are desiring and away from the "shoulds" and outdated belief systems running your life. 
  • The MINDSET SHIFTS & INNER WORK needed in order to embody your your soul work (and share it with the world if this is what is calling you).
  • Exploring your human design and astrology to get GROUNDED in your soul's journey 
  • GUIDANCE in setting up an online platform to share your soul gifts. If you have an online offering/ platform, we will look at ways to optimise these for simplicity & alignment. 
  • Possible REVENUE STREAMS for your creative business/ venture.  So that we can begin a pathway towards you being paid to be YOU while doing what you love.
What you receive...
  • Welcome tea & chat (90 minutes) in month one where we will meet on zoom and dive deep into what it is your heart would most like to create. We will set our intentions & get clear on the desired outcomes of our time together.
  • Ongoing Monthly Soul Sessions (60 minutes) beginning month two - These calls where we meet over zoom act as anchor point, a time to sit down together and check-in with your progress and get clear on your next steps.  During these calls I will share my ideas, intuition & knowledge with you.  You will leave our calls with clear action items to begin implementing, and we can continue our conversation on voxer.
  • Voxer voice messenger support during the month for 'on the go' support' & heartfelt conversations.....THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS! ✨
  • Practical steps to setting up your "Soul Work" - Whether this is setting up an online presence or offerings, in-person workshops or perhaps simply carving out time for your creativity amongst a full schedule of commitments. I will support you in this process of realising your hearts desires.
  • Review copy/ & offerings - During the mentorship you can email me any written copy/ visuals that you would like my thoughts & guidance on. This is for those women wanting to launch their soul work online or offline.  I will share my intuitive insights and feedback to help you move forward.
notes from clients...

"Our time together has been life giving, even more than I ever expected it to be. Your support + wisdom have validated the importance of this journey.

The way you share yourself and your experiences is so inspiring and I felt it made our chats so approachable and down to earth. Working together has helped me in understanding my gifts more deeply and awaken to my soul desires. Thank you for all the guidance + wisdom, you have helped me enormously."

Meghan L, Mother of 3

 "I loved that you took the time to help me see what I actually would enjoy working on, rather than what I saw as a potential income stream. My end goal is no longer clear- which doesn't sound like a benefit, but for me it really is! We tore down the inauthentic brand I was unsuccessfully trying to build, took a big step back, and I've done A LOT of self exploration. I feel so much less pressure to create content now that I'm sharing what I love. I can't wait to see what materializes from it all down the road!

Worth every penny. Natalie is honest and tells you what you need to hear, even when it's not what you want to hear. And she does it in a fun, loving way that feels like you're having tea with an old friend."

Lish Cieslak, Mother of 1

Transformational mentorship for creative, sensitive & heart led women

Pricing Options

US$555 per month*

or, (pay in full options)

US$1500 for 3 months
US$2800 for 6 months

*minimum 3 months commitment

Once you submit your application I will review to see if we would be a good fit working together and I will be in contact. I can't wait to meet you!