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Mama Self Care + Wellbeing

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Chakra Cleanse Meditation

I’ve been using Belinda Chakra Cleanse for the past 4 years. This is my go-to when I’m feeling stressed and overwhelmed for 30 minutes of total self care + bliss. 

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True North Meditones Album

When I was experiencing anxiety, discovering Tahlee’s meditones was a life saver. Tahlee calls her meditones “effortless relaxation” and I couldn’t agree more. Learn more about  meditones and if they could help you here.

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Sacred Space Meditones Album

Tahlee most recent album, Sacred space is another favourite.

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Luminous Meditones Album


Creative Resources

I’m often asked where I get my creative hand craft supplies. Here are some of my favourite online retailers in Australia.  

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Indigo Inspirations

Jo’s online store in filled to the brim with handcrafting goodness. You can buy hand dyed wool felt and I would have to say that Jo’s specialty is her beautiful hand dyed (knitting) wool + wool felt. You can also get needles + other speciality items such as english leister that I love to use for doll hair.



Winterwood is a wonderful source of doll making supplies, wool fleece and wool stuffing for felt toys.  Winterwood also has the most extensive supply of hand dyed wool felt. I love working with hand dyed wool felt as it gives my creations some added magic, not to mention feels amazing to hold (+ work with).

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Honeybee Toys

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