for the woman seeking her purpose...

Have you got magnificent ideas hiding inside you?

Do you doubt your ideas?

Maybe you wonder how on earth you are meant to choose which ideas you should bring to life?

and you are wanting to get clarity around which ones to nurture. 

or maybe you feel the opposite, you have no ideas and lacking clarity around your purpose.


Whatever rings true for you, you know you are here to share your magic, your soul work..... but you are yet to get crystal clear on what exactly that may be!


The Dream Garden is about taking all those magnificent ideas that you have swirling around in your thoughts and getting clear on which ones to nurture and which ones to weed out.

.....and if there are no ideas swirling, these workshops are designed to get the ideas swirling!

We will be covering the topics of Purpose, Your Magic (your gifts & passions) and Your Message.

I know these are BIG topics that people have written entire books on AND things on which many people can spend their whole life seeking, but I believe that deep down we all know what it is that we came here to do. 

I am here to help spark your our own magic & ignite the dreams that you have inside.  


How it all works?

I will guide you over 3 weeks to get clarity around which ideas & dreams are wanting to manifest - whether that be in the form of a creative business, a blog or instagram account, a book, a clothing label, an early childhood initiative, a playgroup, a website...whatever it may be!

In these interactive group sessions, we will meet online for a live call, followed by the opportunity for us to interact and for you to ask any questions.

There will be 3 sessions (usually 30-45 minutes) with about 1 week in between so that you will have time to integrate what we talk about.

Ideally you will be available to attend these workshops live, however I understand with different timezones this is not always possible. So all calls will be recorded.

I'd also love for you to email me any questions and specific areas you are stuck or needing inspiration so I can cover these for you.



Who is the Dream Garden for?

The Dream Garden is perfect for any women:

  • wanting to get clear on their purpose, unique gifts & magic
  • who knows she is here to help others, but just not quite sure how
  • you want to work with me 1:1 or in my bigger programs, but not sure you are ready yet
  • Anyone considering the Creatively Her Mentorship


THE DREAM GARDEN is for free-spirited women to:

  • explore their purpose

  • uncover their unique gifts & magic

  • get clear on which ideas need nurturing & tending

Hi, I’m Natalie

It's my mission to guide sensitive free-spirited women home to themselves, to find their unique blend of creativity & believe in their creative magic

I'm also a mother of three children, sewer of all things magical, writer, photographer and lover of good food.

My much loved guide Magical Birthdays for Children has become a go to book for hundreds of parents (you can find it here) and I've taught mothers all around the world how to create simple handcrafts to bring intention & magic to milestones for their children.

But what sets my soul on fire is helping women tap into their own creative magic + believing that magic is worthy of sharing.

In this LIVE training we will explore these powerful topics...

  • Tapping into your purpose  
  • Unlocking your unique gifts & magic
  • Connecting to Self + being guided by Soul 
  • Knowing what ideas to share & which ones to weed out
  • Cultivating self belief

ready to start believing in yourself

and your ideas!

Join me for a series of 3 workshops that will have you feeling excited, inspired and ready to move forward with your ideas!

We begin week beginning 26 April 2021 & the call schedule will be emailed next week along with some pre-work to get started with our work together.

JOIN the live workshops

A$111 one time payment
  • 3 online group workshops with Natalie (recorded)
  • Journalling prompts after each workshop
The Dream Garden begins in....