Nat has a beautiful gift for gently nudging one onto paths of growth. She generously shares her wisdom of mindful mothering and self care with grace, warmth and reassurance and inspires with not only her words and images but her way of living; she walks her talk. To know Nat is to be wholeheartedly welcomed into a world of authentic inspiration and calm and I am blessed to call her a friend.

Green & Growing Things

Steph, Mama of 3 + Green & Growing Things

Natalie’s beautiful, gentle words resonate with me, as a busy mama trying to find calm in my days and to parent in the peaceful way I aspire towards. I find it very helpful to have gentle reminders to slow down, take time out or just to breathe. Through Natalie I have gained so much insight into the world of nutrition as well. I am sure I have tried every single recipe she has posted. Most have become my “go to” staples. They are all so easy, as well as delicious and nutritious and my family love them.

Jo – homeschooling Mama of 2 little ones + 2 big ones

As soon as you meet Natalie you will experience her beautiful energy that warms, comforts and uplifts all who are blessed to cross her path. Her life is truly an inspiration and through her gifts she shares and teaches how to become light, joyful and abundant. I know Natalie will bring so much real inspiration into many families just like she has mine.

Tania McMahon, Mama of 3 + Steiner/Waldorf Early childhood educator

"Natalie, thank you for writing your beautiful Calm & Connected Evenings with Children E-kit. With three children under 5, peaceful bedtimes just haven't been happening in our home of late... But now that our baby is settling sweetly at bedtime, it's time to bring back the calm for all! Your e-kit came at just the right time for us. I trust that we can love bedtimes again! I am loving reading through your e-kit and choosing the ideas that will work for us. Then I can plan for calmer evenings, bit by bit. I appreciate how you delve into the mindful aspect, because I so know we need to be calm, positive and supremely patient ourselves for our little ones to feel the love too. Thanks again. Here's to dreaming of happy, quiet bedtimes..."

Frances, mama of three

I have loved the opportunity to step into Natalie's world through her beautifully thought out, Calm & Connected E-kit. I have found every offering tremendously helpful; I plan our meals each week with the Mindful Meal Planner, I listen to the 3 and 10 minute meditations when I need a reset, I come back to the e-book when I need inspiration and all of the recipes I've tried have been delicious! Natalie's warmth and encouragement come through so clearly, while being not at all intimidating. Something I value so much as a mum to two little ones! Highly recommend this E-kit to any parents wanting to slow down, foster connection and be intentional.

Gaby, mama of two

The Calm + Connected Evening Routines E-Kit has been enormously helpful to me and to my son. I had been pretty avidly following standard Dr. Sears-style attachment parenting and was getting exhausted. But reading about the importance of routine and boundaries as well as caring for myself in your materials helped me adjust to a more sustainable style of parenting. It also led me to explore gentle parenting as a lifelong commitment. That has been both healing to me as I process my childhood and has brought so much joy and connection to my relationship with my son. So I honestly can't thank you enough. It has absolutely changed my life.

Abigail, mama of one