Welcome lovely mama…

I’m Natalie, Mama of 2 young girls, step mama of two big girls and expecting my third little one late Spring 2017. I’m delighted that you have found your way here, as I am passionate about helping mamas find the magic in the monotony of motherhood.

I write about gentle parenting techniques based on my Steiner/ Waldorf studies incorporated with my own perspective & experience of soulful intuitive mothering.

I offer mama mentoring sessions for mamas (and women) looking to find flow & more joy in their daily life.

Are you seeking to feel more grounded and see more flow in daily mamahood?  One of easiest first steps you can take is a simple daily meditation practice……Check out my 3 minute mama meditations here.

I love connecting with other mamas, please feel free to drop me a note here.


Natalie xx


I Believe…

  • Childhood is to be Cherished – A time when our young children are forming both their physical body as well as their subconscious and conscious beliefs. It is up to us as parents to provide nourishing experiences during this time, to speak for what we believe in and not just settle for what our society suggests as suitable for children.
  • Motherhood is Sacred – A rite of passage that opens us to deep connected relationship and an extraordinary opportunity of personal development. Our children are the most incredible teachers of being in the moment: always calling our attention back to the here and now, and away from our minds tendency to live in the past and worry about the future.

  • In finding the magic in the monotony of everyday – through simple acts of creativity built into motherhood, whether it be in our kitchen through the meals we make, tending a small potted herb garden, collecting flowers for our meal table or indulging our inner child with handcrafts.

  • The Kitchen is the Heart of our Home – The way in which we grow, source, prepare and eat our meals is sacred work and an opportunity to practice mindfulness & gratitude. By involving our children in the growing and preparing, we foster in them a deep appreciation of the bounty of our earth & a connection with nature.



Looking for support at witching hour?

The Calm & Connected Evening Routines E-Kit will help you bring more rhythm and flow to evenings with children.

One of the most common challenges parents face with young children are those “magic” hours as we prepare to end our day. Let me share how I have managed the meltdowns, the meal times and my own mindset at this challenging time!

The E-Kit contains a 70+ page ebook, mama meditations, recipes + tutorials to add a little calm into evenings in your home. Check it out here.



You can read my interview with Mulberry Magazine here:



As soon as you meet Natalie you will experience her beautiful energy that warms, comforts and uplifts all who are blessed to cross her path. Her life is truly an inspiration and through her gifts she shares and teaches how to become light, joyful and abundant. I know Nat will bring so much real inspiration into many families just like she has mine.

Tania McMahon, Mama of 3 + Steiner/Waldorf Early childhood educator

Natalie is an inspiration who through her gentle guidance reminds us, as mothers, to nurture ourselves and to live thoughtfully. I always look forward to her posts sharing some of her life and wisdom with us to learn from and enjoy.

Catherine, Mama of 2

Natalie’s beautiful, gentle words resonate with me, as a busy mama trying to find calm in my days and to parent in the peaceful way I aspire towards. I find it very helpful to have gentle reminders to slow down, take time out or just to breathe. Through Natalie I have gained so much insight into the world of nutrition as well. I am sure I have tried every single recipe she has posted. Most have become my “go to” staples. They are all so easy, as well as delicious and nutritious and my family love them.

Jo Ormsby, homeschooling Mama of 2 little ones + 2 big ones

Natalie is a warm, gentle, soul with a caring spirit and a passion for passing on her wisdom and personal experiences to help teach and empower other women. Reading her words is like having chat with a friend – a friend who believes in the magic of motherhood and who is keen to help fellow mamas experience that same joy. Natalie has such a down-to-earth, calm, approachable nature and you cannot help but be inspired by all that she so graciously shares.

Amanda, Mama of 2, Homely One Blog

Nat has a beautiful gift for gently nudging one onto paths of growth. She generously shares her wisdom of mindful mothering and self care with grace, warmth and reassurance and inspires with not only her words and images but her way of living; she walks her talk. To know Nat is to be wholeheartedly welcomed into a world of authentic inspiration and calm and I am blessed to call her a friend.

Steph, Mama of 3 + simple and eco living, The Mindful Day