5 Ways to Restore Balance: when you're operating on empty



what happens when you feel you can’t keep up with the day to day?

When you have little ones that haven’t slept, you are solo parenting, you are selling the house (oh don’t I remember all those open homes!) or you just can’t seem to get on top of things   working outside the home, housework, meal times, school drop offs & pick ups. Maybe you are just dealing with challenging relationships and want to move out of the drama.

Here are 5 ways to Restore Balance: 

Use Scent to align to your Intentions

The very first thing I do is to use scent. Scent works with the alchemy of air to help us clear  & restore the energy in our homes and our own energy field. Scent gently lifts our vibration and enables us to move through emotional blocks we may be holding and into a fresher mindset. Two ways to use scent are:

The ancient tradition of smudging – using a sage smudge stick and saying an intention whether it be out loud or in your mind. (New to smudging….stay tuned, I’m going to demystify it for you)

Essential oils – I love Sandalwood (stress reducing, sensuous, soothing & helps to release fear) and Geranium (balancing mood swings & harmonizing) and Balance (Doterra Grounding Blend).

Align your Energy by Meditating

Like attracts like and while your energy or vibration is at a certain level, everything in your outer reality will be reflected back at this level. Meditation is without a doubt the easiest way to see a major shift in your energy and to restore balance.  For something totally achievable with children, try my 3 minute meditations here.


Get into Nature 

Not only is nature a wonderful way to ground & restore our energy and get us back in touch with the simple beauty all around us. Nature offers us negative ion environments – think about how you feel by the ocean, standing by a waterfall, in the forest or mountains and even after a lighting storm. Negative ions will make you feel relaxed yet invigorated and uplifted. Positive ions on the other hand are abundant in polluted air and are created by friction and environments where there is a lot of emotional tension. Interestingly wind is positively charged – hence the impact you may have noticed on our (wild) children.

It is the balance of negative and positive ions that is important,

the more negatively charged an environment/ home, the more happy, harmonious and healthy. 

How can we ensure a negative ion environment within our homes? Simple ways to do this are ensuring plenty of fresh air into your home, salt lamps, indoor plants, homewares & interiors made of natural fibres, smudging and aromatherapy/ essential oils. Another great way is to burn beeswax candles (which are natural ionisers).

Deep Breathing

If you’ve done yoga you will know of the concept of Prana (also known as Qi in TCM). Prana is one of the reasons that yogis emphasise the importance of breathing.

Prana is the life force all around us and our breathe is a way to access and absorb this life force.

In the busyness of everyday you may notice that your breathing is shallow. Slowing down through meditation, yoga, deep breathing and mindfulness increases our Prana/ Qi and positively influences our emotional wellbeing and greater balance.

Taking deep breaths in and using your voice on your exhale is also a wonderful way of slowing down and connecting with your breath. I find this a wonderful way to let go of stuck emotions and frustration.

Move Some Stuff

If you’ve signed up and downloaded the Mama Mindset Map, you will know about the Feng Shui rule of 27. By simply moving 27 items in your home or a particular room/ space, you will see a significant shift in your energy. This is based on the Ancient Chinese proverb

“If you want to change your life, move 27 things in your home”.

Maybe you simply start with a kitchen drawer – something you can manage as the children play close by. If you’re feeling like seeing bigger shifts, move some furniture in new positions. Be willing to let go of things that are no longer serving you. Just because someone gave you something doesn’t mean you need to keep it! I love the quote by William Morris

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”


As always, thanks for being here and reading. I hope something resonates and you can implement one of these into your day to see a little more balance amongst the busy.

I’d love to know what’s your go to, to restore balance?

Nat xx


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