A simple way to celebrate Valentines Day with young children


As you probably know I always welcome to opportunity to create a little magic for my children – so I thought with Valentine’s Day coming up I would make these simple wool felt envelopes as a little surprise.  I’m planning on adding some watercolour heart notes and maybe a heart chocolate.

These envelopes could be customised for so many other occasions – of course my mind instantly things of birthdays!  The perfect way to give a little birthday note to an older child or they could also be used for party favours/ bags. You’ll enjoy my book Magical Birthdays for Children if you are seeking birthday inspiration and wanting to create a more mindful and wholehearted birthday celebration.

If you’d like to make a heart garland like the one you will see in the video – simply follow the same process I used for the Felt Star Garland tutorial here.

Enjoy creating a little magic. x


Materials you will need: 

Wool Felt

Embroidery cotton

A button to close your envelope

An envelope of your choice (if the envelope is not the size that you would like to sew, please note that you will need to use a photocopier to reduce the size)

Sewing Supplies such as Needles + Pins + Scissors



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