Committing to Self Care for Busy Mums



For the last month I’ve been having rhythmical massage one a week. I am very passionate about mamas taking time to support themselves and for the last 2.5 years have committed to a weekly session – whether it be kinesiology, acupuncture, meditation course, massage etc.

If you’ve read my story here, you will know that in the past self care is something I didn’t do. My focus was ensuring everyone else was looked after, except for me. Which inevitably left me depleted, exhausted and often a rather irritable mama.

So over the past few years I’ve been committed to ensuring that I am filled up, that I have what I need, so that I can give to my family and others from a place of genuine love, happiness and presence.

During these rhythmical massage sessions which are based in Anthroposophy (Steiner’s philosophy), we begin with a lavender foot bath. Then continuing with the massage or a liver compress. It’s ever so nurturing having someone “mother” me and really fills me up. I’ve also enjoyed learning about what compresses I can use on my girls when they have fevers, coughs and sore tummies.

I love natural healing remedies that involve us using well thought out wisdom and taking the time to prepare. Energetically I feel taking time to care for someone whether it be our children or partner, when they are sick is very much part of the healing (and something that is so under valued today with the focus on fast acting remedies).

Today Millie was with me so rather than a massage we both had foot baths and a hand massage. Quiet time to connect with the present moment. Something we don’t do nearly enough of in our busy lives.

I’ve been experimenting with giving the girls a foot bath some nights before bed.  It’s taken a bit of working out logistics (where to sit so their feet reach, what tub etc) but they really do love the time to be still and nurtured.

Sometimes in a day of drop offs and pick ups these quiet moments are what can provide deep nourishment for our children and ourselves.

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