Sew Magical Tea Party Workshop


Waldorf inspired tea party

Welcome to the Sew Magical Tea Party- a Waldorf inspired tea party! It’s the perfect project to encourage imaginative play. Coupled with some little tea cups or wooden bowls, some scraps of wool (my children loved to use this as “milk”), these tea bags make such a lovely addition to the play kitchen.

Waldorf inspired tea party

One of the parts I really love most about this project is the use of loose herbal teas & dried flowers – to add a little magic! Chamomile flowers & dried rose petal are a lovely simple option. This is an especially fun step if you are making this project with older children.

Waldorf tea party

Sew Magical Tea Party

Waldorf tea party

Waldorf tea party

It’s also the perfect opportunity to use some precious scraps to create the tea bags- maybe you have special items of your children’s (or your own!) outgrown clothing which you can repurpose. Many different kinds of fabric will work well for this project, but woven fabrics (rather than knit/stretch) fabrics will work best and many will fray beautifully adding an extra textural element (embrace this!). Look for fabrics made from cotton or linen as these will hold up well to frequent use.

Waldorf inspired tea party

In the project I shared some of my favourite wholesome recipes in my “Recipes for a Tea Party” booklet, including a delightful recipe for simple jam drops / slice, and an apple and almond tea cake. Alongside some additional accompaniments for creating a really magical tea party with your little ones like sweet little felt orange slices, strawberries, cupcakes, macarons and ice creams.

Simple Jam Drops/ Slice

Apple & Almond Tea Cake

I’d love to teach you to make these sweet little tea bags and create a magical tea party with the Sew Magical Tea Party Workshop! Although the workshop sew along is finished, you can find the full video tutorials, pattern & material list can be found inside the Sewing Circle, our membership filled with hands sewn treasures for a magical childhood and a community of like minded women!

Our circle opens to members twice a year – you can jump on the waitlist here!


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