The reality of Self Nurture for Busy Mamas



Self nurture is a choice. A choice you have each and everyday as to whether you will comply with outdated beliefs of “not enough time”, “it’s too hard”, “it’s unnecessary” and “It’s just another thing to schedule into the day”. Or whether you are wanting to push through your upper limits, your sub conscious patterns and anchor in a new reality.

What matters is your commitment to show up for yourself, your intention behind the practice and that whatever you do soothes your Soul and Spirit.

I believe you are worth the time, intention and effort. Do you?

Self nurture can be in the simplest forms….

  • Lighting a candle and saying an affirmation or prayer;
  • a yoga pose with conscious breath;
  • diffusing essential oils with intention – this means that when I choose the oils I make the intention that their scent will bring me into the present moment, or remind me to be patience & surrender to divine timing…..
  • a mindfulness practice while peeling potatoes or pears, sitting down at the table and allowing the children to help – everyone can be in the moment together;
  • an intentional dance while the meal is cooking and children play by your feet (inspiration from my dear friend here)
  • Listening to mantras or uplifting music while you prepare a meal, do the washing or tidying up;
  • Laying with your children as they go to sleep, focusing on your breath and the sounds in the room, opposed to running through your to-do list;
  • One of my favourites is to go to bed when the girls go to sleep, and to wake up before them. Even 20 minutes of time in the early morning with a cup of tea sitting in stillness watching the world wake up, is pure bliss for my Soul.
  • the key -fFind something that really speaks to YOUR unique Soul & Spirit.

For me I’ve experienced life as a mama without self nurture and with. It has honestly taken me time to get into a committed relationship with my own spiritual practice which is my preferred form of self nurture.

It’s a dance… which you have to find your own rhythm. I have come to a point where the difference in doing nothing and committing to my own practice and self nurture is so apparent, that I prioritise it. 

I am calmer, more centred, more available, more engaged and much happier when I have been committed in my daily practice. 

Once you experience the benefits and affects of something, it is no longer a belief or teaching that you are following.  It is your truth, it is your reality. You show up each day by choice as YOU have experienced the benefits first hand. This is what changed things for me….perhaps committing for say 21 days will be what works for you?

I’d love to know about your experience with incorporating some self nurture practices into your daily life with children? 

As always it is lovely to have you here. 

Nat xx

I am really excited to share that coming soon, I shall be offering Soul Mentoring Sessions for women seeking a little more from the everyday, navigation in times of change and transition and simply someone holding space for you to connect and align to your highest self. Stayed tuned. x



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