Third Trimester and Setting Boundaries…



Since moving into the third trimester, I have definitely noticed the shift in pace that my body is calling for. Unlike the speedy little person in the forefront of this picture 🙂

It’s incredible really the signs and symptoms our bodies offer us, helping us to make the necessary adjustments to move forward with more alignment and ease.

It is interesting to observe this third time around, especially in comparison with my other pregnancies. First time around, I was still making frequent international flights for work. Not really showing any signs of slowing down other than the practical preparations of organising maternity leave cover from work and setting up a home office (and a baby room).

Second time around, I was only working part time and spending the rest of the time enjoying slower days with my toddler. I continued social outings such as playgroup and weekly catch ups with friends, however slowing down from the commitments of work came much more naturally.

This time, I have been offered big learnings through out my pregnancy. I have been taught more than ever in my life to continually listen to my body, to notice how I am feeling and where I may be out of alignment with my Soul. I feel like this little child within me is offering me an added push to set clear and firm boundaries that ensure I am honouring myself and living from a place that is in alignment to my highest self.

As a result I’ve embraced DOING LESS, SLOWING DOWN & LISTENING.

I’ve been feeling into the magic opportunity that pregnancy provides in our own self growth and soul evolution.

To really listen to the subtle messages of our bodies and connect more deeply with the rhythms of life.

To notice where we are feeling stretched, where we feel unfulfilled, what isn’t serving us and what it is now time to let go of. To deeply trust in our bodies ability to be in constant communion with us at all times. 

And after all this listening, we have the opportunity to review our BOUNDARIES. 

Recently I’ve been called to address issues with setting clear boundaries that nourish and honour me. Something I see SO many woman afraid to do. I get it. It’s hard to put yourself first. It really goes against everything we’re taught.

However considering your own needs doesn’t mean you are selfish or taking advantage of others. What honours us and takes care of our own wellbeing, will most often be what is also in the best interests of our children. We all know the impact on our families when we are not okay…. When we are not feeling inspired, happy, filled up and ready to give!

I’ve been reminding myself of the words of many mentors I’ve worked with over the years……boundaries are never comfortable for those around us, as it takes a while for other to readjust to the new limits we set and, in a way, the new commitment to ourselves and our desire to feel good.

I invite you to consider the following questions in your own life:

– What isn’t working in your life? Where do you feel frustrated, what makes you unhappy and gives you a general feeling of unease?

– What feels rushed or hurried in your life? Where can you implement new boundaries to elevate some of this rush and hurry?

– How can you say “no” to more things that are not serving you, your children & relationship?

….Maybe it is setting a clear boundary with the number of after school activities you commit to, not having more than a few play dates per week or making sure the television is saved for weekends. Perhaps it could be committing to some of our own inner work and unpacking some of emotion debris from everyday life (Kinesiology is one of my favourite tools for this). It could be as simple as scheduling some time with your partner to connect (without a screen involved!).

Tuning into our inner voice and beginning to set clear boundaries is in my view, ESSENTIAL for any modern day mama, seeking more happiness and joy in daily life.

If you know a mama friend who needs to hear these words, please share this post. Maybe it will be the reminder they are needing for the day…



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