Waldorf Inspired Spring Crafts


Take a little peak at some of my favourite Waldorf Inspired Spring Crafts from The Sewing Circle….

Springtime Snails

These little springtime snails are made using a wet felted body and a finger knitted shell, inspired by the most lovely snail that my son made at preschool. They are a gorgeous little project, simple enough to do with children and make a sweet little story telling prop or to use with finger or hand gesture game.

If you have a go at making some with your children you might find that a slightly larger version is easier for them to wet felt…..and depending on the age of your children, they could also help you with the finger knitting!

Waldorf inspired springtime crafts

Waldorf inspired springtime crafts

Waldorf inspired snails

Waldorf snails

Needle Felted Beehives

I first made these little hives for a story that I created for my Steiner Early Childhood training. These sweet little beehives are very simple to make. You can pop them on a little stick to use with a birthday ring, stick them onto a (slightly) bigger branch to use as a story prop – or just hang from a thread on a branch.

I also like to thread about 3-5 bees onto a stick so that they can come buzzing along around the beehive ……pure magic for a story!

You can use either Merino or Corriedale to make these, I prefer the coarser texture of Corriedale for needle felting. I made my beehive with a browny, grey base, then added some golden tones. (You can also use wool batts if you have access to these!)

waldorf inspired spring crafts

waldorf inspired springtime crafts waldorf bee hives

waldorf inspired spring crafts

Springtime Beehive Matchbox Cover

The sweetest little bumble bees buzzing around their beehive. This little matchbox cover will make a beautiful addition to your mealtime candle ritual.

Making time to be creative with your hands is also a wonderful way to drop out of all the busyness and just be in the moment. Make a few extra bees and tie them onto a branch for a sweet little rhyme game. You could keep this on hand for a transition time or when your child is needing some extra connection.

Waldorf matchbox

Waldorf inspired springtime crafts

Waldorf inspired springtime crafts

Waldorf inspired spring crafts

Waldorf matchbox

I’d love to teach you to make some Waldorf Inspired Spring Crafts for your seasonal table. The full video tutorials, patterns & material lists can be found inside the Sewing Circle, our membership filled with hands sewn treasures for a magical childhood and a community of like minded women!

Our circle opens to members twice a year – you can jump on the waitlist here!


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