Believing what’s inside you is worth sharing



Believing that what you have inside you is worth sharing.

It’s a question that I get asked so often with the women who I work with.

And something that I’ve constantly had to work on also.

How do you know?

How do you know you’re really meant to be sharing what’s in your heart?

Your creative work… in whatever shape and form that takes on for you.

If I could give you a simple answer – I’d say, you just know.

(How annoying is that?!)

This may depend on where you are in your journey of knowing yourself and listening to your soul and her whispers.

However EVEN if you don’t yet feel a strong connection to your soul I still believe that there is some part of you that will know.   

Even reading this post will give you a little spark. Like a match being lit. Even if it is teeny tiny, you’ll feel it.


In every day life the feeling may look like…

a little feeling of envy when someone does something that is perhaps along the lines of what it is your soul wants to create/ express.

Or maybe a yearning type feeling when you look at certain websites/ instagram accounts/ businesses.

Or maybe it is a clear desire to share something, but fear & doubt keep you from moving this forward.


These feelings pulling at your heart are all clues and essentially the beginning whispers of your soul.

Write them down in your journal, start to take notice of them. Over time you will begin to notice patterns in these feelings and nudges.

Believing in you and your magic is a direct reflection of your ability to trust and know yourself.


The more you know yourself, the stronger the connection to your soul and the clearer you are to channel the art/ creativity/ message, the easier it will be to trust in what you are being guided towards.


You could think of it like this…


When you know yourself deeply (i.e you start showing up for your soul with some form of daily innerwork), you will start trusting yourself to know what is best for you.

From this place of trust you will begin to notice with even more awareness that there is something within you that wants to come out.

You’ll notice the signs and nudges the universe gives you.

The more you practise making decisions from this place of knowing what is the most aligned action for you (which will also be in the highest good for all), you will strength this “self belief” muscle.

And from this place, you will start to feel a greater sense of belief in the magic/ art/ creativity/ message within you.


Maybe this feels like a simplistic way of describing a very non-linear process, but I want to give you the general idea.

I also want you to know that it is entirely possible to go from feeling like you have nothing worth sharing and that you wouldn’t know where to start, to feeling a glimmer of hope that maybe you do have creative magic inside you worth sharing.

It all begins with intention.

An intention to be open and to notice what it is that you are being shown in your daily life.


Once you have tucked your kids into bed tonight, grab a pen & paper and journal on these points:

If my soul was trying to tell me anything today – what would it be?

What am I continually drawn towards in life? What feeds my soul?


Listen to those little whispers, your soul, she knows the way…


Can I help you? 

I guide free spirited sensitive women to know and trust themselves deeply and to tap into their creative magic. The women I work with know that they were born with gifts to share, however experience an almost constant feeling of self doubt and sabotage. I help you remember the magic inside of you so you can shine your light in the world!



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