For women like us, there is something within our heart and soul that we dream of doing.


Maybe it is writing a book, creating a business, sharing a message or starting a charity.


Something that when we simply think about it, it lights us up and gives us access to all kinds of super natural energy and vitality. That’s not to say we also don’t feel a giant sense of fear around it, because in my experience there is also SO MUCH FEAR & RESISTANCE.


Do you know what that thing is for you?

Have you had the vision yet?

Have you heard your soul whispering guidance to you?


For me I heard the whispers slowly but surely after the birth of my first daughter. I knew that I needed to be sharing a message but as to what that message was, I was really unclear. I loved reading a number of blogs and found them super inspiring and life-giving after feeling very disconnected from my former corporate life since becoming a stay at home mum with a new baby.


So I decided I’d start my own blog.

Somewhere I could share my thoughts and create a little sense of community and maybe even get clearer on what I was here to share with the world.

I remember so many hours while breastfeeding, post it + pencil beside me to, dreaming up names to call my blog. Hindsight is a wonderful thing isn’t it… I’d tell myself to fck the name and just get started.


The name is important to a degree but what’s even more important is YOU.

How you show up and even more important is your FREQUENCY. ( I love to talk about your frequency – essential reading Your Frequency is your Magic)

This is what will magnetise the people you are here to serve to you.


The more I tried to “think about it”, the more distant it felt.

I’ve learnt that the biggest game changer for me is when I take ACTION.

Back in 2010 blogging was where it was at.  So I dived right in and started my own blog.


Once I did, the words started to flow and it was interesting to notice the things I felt compelled to share. I loved having a place I could share my thoughts and it started to become clearer as to what my message was (without too much overthinking). I also loved interacting with my readers and seeing what content resonated most with them.


These days I always suggest that the women I work with start an instagram account or a blog. Somewhere they can begin to share what’s on their heart and begin to notice what they enjoy sharing most.

It can feel like the most scary first step especially when you don’t feel clear on what you want to share, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes. PLUS  you begin a conversation with those people that want to hear from you (who will likely be your soul mate clients).


It also helps them GET OUT OF THEIR HEADS…

… as women like us have a bit of a tendency to OVERTHINK things.

Overthinking leads to doubt, perfectionism and a whole host of other incredibly debilitating tendencies for someone wanting to get out of their own way and start creating something.

And you and I both know that doing our soul’s work is life giving. For ourselves, as well as for those we are here to serve.

So get out of your own way and let the words or creating flow!

If you have been hearing the whispers but not sure what to do with them, I challenge you to take a moment today to take one small action towards your dream.

Believe in yourself. You’re gifts are here to share!


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