Your Frequency is your Magic


I make pretty things but I don’t believe that this alone is going to change your connection with your child. ⠀

Bringing beauty, intention and magic into your home is what lights me up but let’s just take a moment to talk about frequency.

YOUR FREQUENCY is everything – it affects all aspects of your life including your relationship with your children.⠀

It’s what magnetises what you desire to you. Whether that be harmony in your home, connection with your kids, or maybe simply creating a life that feels delicious & full. ⠀

Many of the little souls that we are raising are highly sensitive and aware. Maybe you’ve noticed this with your own children? ⠀

You can pretend you’ve got your shit together all you like but they see right through it. I believe that our children are our teachers – they come with truth and they demand truth. ✨ ⠀

Wherever you are not showing up for yourself, being authentic or conscious of your frequency they will be throwing it back in your face. Not to piss you off – but to help you heal & be the best version of yourself. ⠀

I think it’s one of the hardest truths to admit as a parent – that we’ve got a load of work to do to meet these kids where they come in at. ⠀

I stand for beauty, for a magical childhood and for intentional rituals for connection BUT I stand for this alongside consciously raising our frequency as mothers and one way we do this is by inner listening & answering the callings of our Soul. ⠀

So join me in creating beauty and bringing magic and ritual into your homes but consider also showing up for the deeper work.

These two together is truely where the magic happens.


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