Sleepy Star + Moon Bed Creative Tutorial


Our little children love consistency when it comes to bedtimes. One way that we can help our children fall asleep is to infuse this time of the evening with rhythms and rituals. This sweet little Sleepy Star tucked inside the Moon Bed makes the perfect prop for a transition song signalling bedtime for your little ones.  Keep it in a special place and bring it out each evening after your story or maybe just before you turn out the lights.  Twinkle Twinkle Little Star would make the perfect song as you gentle rock the little star near your child and then gently tucking the little star into her bed. 

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Selection of wool felt for the moon and star

Embroidery threads – to add a touch of magic you may like to use a metallic/gold/silver thread for the moon bed

Wool fleece for stuffing the star

Needles + pins


Chopstick or knitting needle (for stuffing the star)


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Let’s begin:
  1. Begin by gathering all your materials.
  2. Download your free pattern from the membership site. Print out the pattern and cut out the pattern pieces from the paper.
  3. Arrange the pattern pieces on the wool felt you have chosen,  pin in place and cut the pieces out.
  4. Begin with the Moon Bed. Take your chosen embroidery thread and split the thread into 2 strands (see creative notes) and thread your needle. Begin by using a blanket stitch to sew the inside of the crescent moon from point A to point B. When you reach point B, place the crescent moon over the full moon bed and begin to stitch from from point B to point A along the outside of the crescent moon – attaching the two pieces (crescent moon and full moon bed) together.   Stitch off once you reach point A.
  5. Take one of your cut out star pieces and using dark brown embroidery thread (2 strands) stitch two little eyes and a mouth using some simple back stitches. Stitch off on the back. Feel free to also leave your star without a face.  
  6. Taking the other felt star, place together and using your chosen embroidery thread (2 strands) stitch the star together. When you have only 3 sides left to sew up, I’d suggest you begin stuffing the star. Take some wool fleece and a chopstick or knitting needle and carefully + firmly stuff the star.
  7. Continue to stitch the star up, adding a little more stuffing as you go if needed.
  8. Once the star is completely stuffed and stitched up, stitch off and thread your thread into the top point – you then have a little hanging thread for when you sing your sleep time blessing.


Creative Notes:
  • Splitting embroidery thread/floss – You will notice that embroidery thread/floss is made up of 6 strands. I suggest splitting the embroidery thread/floss so that you are only stitching with 2 strands. Any more than this and your stitching will be very bold and chunky.
  • “Stitching Off” – To stitch off, simply bring your needle to the back of the item, take a little stitch where your thread is already coming out and thread your needle through the loop, before pulling tight. If possible try not to take the stitch all the way through to the front. Repeat this and then cut off thread.



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