Creating Birthday Traditions for Children: A birthday number


One of my favourite little rituals in the lead up to the birthday is to create a birthday number for my child.  I use this on the birthday table and sometimes make two and use one on a handmade card as well. Some years I also use a beautiful wooden number that fits into the Grimms wooden birthday ring, but really love the simplicity of making my own.

To make a birthday number for your birthday child, start by creating a beautiful piece of wet on wet watercolour or you could simply use some beautiful paper that you stick onto some card to give the number some stability.

Then simply draw the number your child is turning lightly using a lead pencil onto the paper/ card.

Cut it out (I find it easiest with a pair of little sewing scissors) and then rub out the lead pencil. And there you have a very beautiful little addition to your birthday table.

In the pictures below I have also made a card using some paper that I printed with a rubber stamp + crayons + water… maybe a technique I can share with you another day.

I talk all about our Birthday rituals + rhythms in the Magical Birthday for Children Ebook which you can find here or in the Shop.

I hope this has inspired you to get creating.

Natalie x

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