Birthdays for Children: Apple Star Cake Decorations


I have been dreaming of making these little Apple Stars in the lead up to my big girls birthday.

I first made them for her 5 year old “Star party” back in 2015 – a last minute idea to decorate her birthday cake.  I love getting a little creative for birthdays and these apple stars were so fun to make.

I had the (maybe crazy!) idea to make the stars into little toffee apples. So I made up a simple sugar syrup to brush onto the apples, also thinking that maybe this would help with preventing the apples from browning. I didn’t quite get the sugar syrup to the right temperature initially, so the sugar kind of soaked into the apple. So then decided to pop them into the oven to cook them a little …. The result was still super sweet so I just went with it.

To make apple stars you will need…


  • Organic Apples
  • a knife
  • star cookie cutters
  • Optional – sugar + water if you would like to make a simple sugar syrup for the apples.


To begin…
  • Simply slice the apple, so that the core of the apple (the apple’s star) can be seen in each piece.
  • Then taking your star cutter, press into each piece of apple. I found that even the pieces where you could only faintly see the apples star, were just as beautiful – so use all the pieces of the apples.
  • You can use the apples stars immediately or you could try a simple sugar syrup (boiling sugar + water on the stove until sticky) and then brushing over. I baked the stars on a low heat for about half an hour and set aside to decorate the birthday cake the next day (you can take a peek below!).


This year my big girl requested a carrot cake, so I used my favourite recipe for gluten free carrot cake in my Magical Birthdays for Children book.

I iced the cake in a simple cream cheese icing, with a little sprinkling of lime zest and then used the baked apple stars to decorate.

I hope they inspire some creativity in your home.

Natalie x

P.S. If you’re looking to add more mindfulness and magic into celebrating birthdays with our children, check out all the inspiration and suggestions for creating birthday traditions in the Magical Birthdays for Children e-book here.


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