Waldorf Inspired Birthday Rituals: The Birthday Stars


I’d love to tell you all about the birthday stars 🌟 if you’ve been here for a while you will know all about the birthday stars, but for those who are new let me share a little more.

One of the rituals I share in the magical birthday ebook is to sew little felt (or fabric) birthday stars, which you place under your child’s pillow for the number of nights they are turning.

So if your child is turning 3 you would start 3 nights before the birthday, giving the final birthday star on the eve of the birthday. The ritual is a beautiful countdown of sorts and like anything done with intention & love, creates a little magic and wonder for our children. I also love how it

This ritual was passed down to me by my mentor & a very wise Steiner teacher – Ebba Bodame. As we do, I have changed it to suit me and you are welcome to do the same.

The birthday stars may be something that the birthday fairy bring or something that you as the parents bring – whatever fits in with your values.

I get asked often about whether you create new stars each year and my answer is always ‘it is totally up to you!’ Generally I have used the years previous stars and made one new one for the new birthday. The new star can be embellished to represent your child’s likes or maybe the age your child is turning.

Some years I have done something a little different – for my daughters 10th birthday I put a star simply cut out from felt (not sewn & stuffed) next to her bed. On the night before her birthday I attached these all together with some beautiful thread to create a star garland – ready for her on her birthday morning (video tutorial here).

Other years I have created the final star into a magic star wand. So many possibilities for you to get imaginative.

I hope this inspires you to give the birthday stars a go. If you want more ideas around bringing ritual, intention & magic to birthdays I know you will love the magical birthday ebook – you can find it here.

Natalie x


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