Your Desires are Whispers from your Soul


You desiring something is not you being ungrateful and unappreciative of what you currently have.

Your desires are like whispers from your soul …. that there is something else waiting for you.

Untapped potential begging for you to unlock.

More delicious connections waiting to be had.

More spaciousness in your day.

Whatever it is that you desire, it is like a calling from your highest self.


So many women (especially mothers) dismiss their desires as selfish or ungrateful.

You are entitled to your desires.

Your desires may be showing you that there are things in your current life that may not be in full alignment with your Soul.

Rather than getting stuck and almost lost in them – start taking actions towards them.

Start feeling into the energy of them.

Start showing up in your everyday life as if they were your reality.

Get yourself into the frequency of it being on fully available to you and without a doubt coming.

It’s all about your energetic alignment.

Are you noticing the many ways your soul is whispering to you?


Take some time to journal – 

What are the desires that are making themselves known to you right now?

How do these desires help me step into more alignment with my highest self?


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