Cookies & Cream Ice Cream


cookies ice cream

cookies ice cream

Following on from the flourless no nut brownie recipe and wholesome vanilla ice cream, I thought I would share another favourite in our home…..cookies and cream ice cream (grain free).  I’m not really sure that I can pass this off as a ‘recipe’ however here is how I put it all together.

from the pantry
half a batch of flourless no nut chocolate brownies

fresh batch of wholesome vanilla ice cream

let’s begin
PREPARE and churn a batch of wholesome vanilla ice cream
BAKE a batch of flourless no nuts chocolate brownies and once the cooking time has ended, turn off the oven and leave the brownies inside to dry out for a few hours.

ONCE brownies are cold and crisp, crumble into little pieces
STIR the brownie crumble through the wholesome vanilla ice cream
POUR into a storage container
STORE  in freezer

kitchen notes
:: Alternatively you may use left over brownies that have dried out (if you leave in a tin for a week or so I find that they dry out perfectly)


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