Simple ways to support yourself through challenging times


I love this beautiful photo taken by Melissa Jean of me almost ready to birth my third child and our dog Honey.

A little note that I wrote to my tribe recently and wanted to share here too… 

Just like everyone and the entire world, I’ve been working through so much shit! What a year 2020 has been. So much heartbreak for many and yet there is also so much potential for change on our planet.

Something that I also believe is happening as we go through (what many are calling) “The Great Awakening”, is that no longer can we put up with anything that is out of alignment with our soul.

It’s like everything that isn’t good for us, is beginning to crumble and we are noticing that things we used to just do and put up with, are now feeling so tiring and energy zapping. Know what I mean?

As many of you know my personal life has changed a lot over the last few months. It’s been almost 9 months since my husband and I separated.  Not having family support has made this adjustment challenging, however it has also meant that I’ve really needed to step up and be my own loving support for myself. This has been big as we so often externalise our need for support, however I’m learning that it is something that we can give to ourselves. That doesn’t mean it isn’t wonderful to receive support externally, however it means we aren’t relying on it.

Ways I’ve been supporting myself… (perhaps these will inspire you to offer yourself more love and care in these times)

1. My beautiful essential oils –  I love to make room sprays as scent has the most incredible ability to elevate the frequency of a space.

2. Moving my body – I love to dance and I also love to pop out for a walk at dusk when I’m without the kids, I love the smell of being in nature as night falls.

3. Singing mantras – activating my throat chakra/ energy centre does so much in helping me clear my energy, release emotion and getting clear on my forward moving direction.

4. Energy work – at the moment I’m loving network chiropractic.

5. Bedtime rituals – when I’m without the children I find it is so easy for my usual rhythm to disappear, so this has been something I’ve given my attention lately. Simple things such as lighting a candle while I have an evening shower and other little rituals bring closure to my day.

6. Time to Create – whether that be writing or sewing or cooking. (If you love to sew too, you might enjoy my sewing circle).

7. Lots of time to follow those things that inspire me. I love reading and learning and at the moment Human Design has captivated me. I’ve always loved astrology however HD is next level!

I hope these ideas inspire you to slow down and consider what are the ways you are supporting yourself.

Natalie x


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