Third Trimester and Setting Boundaries…

Friday 13 October 2017


Since moving into the third trimester, I have definitely noticed the shift in pace that my body is calling for. Unlike the speedy little person in the forefront of this picture 🙂

It’s incredible really the signs and symptoms our bodies offer us, helping us to make the necessary adjustments to move forward with more alignment and ease.

It is interesting to observe this third time around, especially in comparison with my other pregnancies. First time around, I was still making frequent international flights for work. Not really showing any signs of slowing down other than the practical preparations of organising maternity leave cover from work and setting up a home office (and a baby room).

Second time around, I was only working part time and spending the rest of the time enjoying slower days with my toddler. I continued social outings such as playgroup and weekly catch ups with friends, however slowing down from the commitments of work came much more naturally.

This time, I have been offered big learnings through out my pregnancy. I have been taught more than ever in my life to continually listen to my body, to notice how I am feeling and where I may be out of alignment with my Soul. I feel like this little child within me is offering me an added push to set clear and firm boundaries that ensure I am honouring myself and living from a place that is in alignment to my highest self.

As a result I’ve embraced DOING LESS, SLOWING DOWN & LISTENING.

I’ve been feeling into the magic opportunity that pregnancy provides in our own self growth and soul evolution.

To really listen to the subtle messages of our bodies and connect more deeply with the rhythms of life.

To notice where we are feeling stretched, where we feel unfulfilled, what isn’t serving us and what it is now time to let go of. To deeply trust in our bodies ability to be in constant communion with us at all times. 

And after all this listening, we have the opportunity to review our BOUNDARIES. 

Recently I’ve been called to address issues with setting clear boundaries that nourish and honour me. Something I see SO many woman afraid to do. I get it. It’s hard to put yourself first. It really goes against everything we’re taught.

However considering your own needs doesn’t mean you are selfish or taking advantage of others. What honours us and takes care of our own wellbeing, will most often be what is also in the best interests of our children. We all know the impact on our families when we are not okay…. When we are not feeling inspired, happy, filled up and ready to give!

I’ve been reminding myself of the words of many mentors I’ve worked with over the years……boundaries are never comfortable for those around us, as it takes a while for other to readjust to the new limits we set and, in a way, the new commitment to ourselves and our desire to feel good.

I invite you to consider the following questions in your own life:

– What isn’t working in your life? Where do you feel frustrated, what makes you unhappy and gives you a general feeling of unease?

– What feels rushed or hurried in your life? Where can you implement new boundaries to elevate some of this rush and hurry?

– How can you say “no” to more things that are not serving you, your children & relationship?

….Maybe it is setting a clear boundary with the number of after school activities you commit to, not having more than a few play dates per week or making sure the television is saved for weekends. Perhaps it could be committing to some of our own inner work and unpacking some of emotion debris from everyday life (Kinesiology is one of my favourite tools for this). It could be as simple as scheduling some time with your partner to connect (without a screen involved!).

Tuning into our inner voice and beginning to set clear boundaries is in my view, ESSENTIAL for any modern day mama, seeking more happiness and joy in daily life.

If you know a mama friend who needs to hear these words, please share this post. Maybe it will be the reminder they are needing for the day…


Buckwheat & Banana Pancakes

Tuesday 1 August 2017

It has been a long time between blog posts, which has so often happened in the past 7 years I have been blogging. I so much love sharing and then there comes a time that life calls us back to be 100% present with the day to day, especially when we have little ones to take care of.

For those of you following my instagram account you will know that I spent the last term working as a Waldorf/ Steiner Handcraft teacher, a most wonderful opportunity and experience. You may also know that I am expecting our third baby and so the timing was rather interesting….news of a baby and job all in the one week. So after a very busy term 2, I am delighted to now be at home resting with my little one growing inside with a much less rushed mama!

I’ve been indulging in my two loves……creating and cooking. Here are a few pictures of a little standing doll I recently made.

Standing dolls are one of my favourite additions to a play space – they make the most perfect story prop for both mama and child along with some play cloths and animals. 

Read more about creating play spaces for children in my blog post HERE.




Buckwheat & Banana Pancakes

While I was working, this super simple & delicious pancake recipe became a firm favourite at our breakfast table. Although I am a two eggs and sourdough kinda girl, my big girl has started to challenge this family staple. I am very keen on ensuring she starts her day with something a little more nutrient dense than toast so feel a comfortable balance with these pancakes!

The recipe is gluten free which is always great in my books, light and fluffy and are still lovely slightly cooled or later in the day. I always serve with some butter, raw sugar, lemon wedges and maple syrup as we all seem to like different combinations. A yummy afternoon tea snack with some butter and a little strawberry jam.

makes approx. 10 pancakes the size you see in the picture 🙂

From the pantry:

1 pastured/ organic egg

1 whole banana mashed

1/2 cup buckwheat flour

1/2 cup milk

1 teaspoon baking powder

squeeze of lemon juice (or you could use a dash of apple cider vinegar)

Let’s begin:

Mix all ingredients together and cook in a heavy bottomed frypan or pancake pan on medium heat. I like to use a mix of coconut oil and butter to cook the pancakes. Once the mixture looks nicely bubbled, flip them over and cook for a another few minutes.

Enjoy! I’d love to know if you try it.

Apple & Berry Spelt Tea Cake

Saturday 1 July 2017


 This is my favourite tea cake. I usually make it with green apples however I had stewed all the apples the other day, so I improvised! As this cake uses melted butter, you can whip it up easily the old fashioned way….with a bowl and spoon. No fancy mixers required and far less washing up if you ask me! 
I managed to make this one while prepping breakfast, then into the oven for about 40 minutes and it was all ready to take to our morning play date.
from the pantry:

140 grams butter melted
1 cup of white spelt flour
1 teaspoon baking powder (without aluminimum)
3 eggs
1/2 cup of sugar or honey – (sugar….gasp! I know I know, you think it is evil… to understand the whole sugar subject read here)
1/3 cup stewed apples* (and or pears) 
1 cup of frozen blueberries (more if you like)
fresh lemon zest to taste – I used about half a lemon
1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon 
spinkles/ topping: a small handful of blueberries, a little more 
lemon zest, some shredded or desiccated coconut, a little sprinkle 
of cinnamon and some raw sugar 

Where-ever possible organic ingredients are best. 
let’s begin:

MELT the butter and mix with the sugar
ADD eggs 
ADD all other ingredients until combined
POUR cake batter into lined cake tin – I like to use if you care baking paper  
ADD sprinkles 
PLACE into hot oven (200 degrees Celcius) for between 30 – 40 minutes. 
Cooking time always depends on your oven. Cake is ready when it is a lovely golden colour,  when you touch the top centre of the cake it bounces back and of course the good old skewer comes out clean test.

*Alternative – if you don’t have stewed apples on hand, simple use 4-5 fresh apples – chopped into slices and then in half again. If you add fresh apple, no need to add 1 cup of blueberries.  

Preparing for Easter with Children

Monday 3 April 2017

Looking for some ideas for preparing for Easter with children? I’ve put together a mini ebook “Celebrating Easter” to help you create a magical Easter table and involve your children in the preparation.

As mamas we have such a wonderful opportunity to bring in a little magic & reverence to festivals such as Easter for our children, which can often end up being very commercial. Children love to feel a part of things and included in purposeful work. Preparing for festivals really provide beautiful bookmarks throughout the year for our little ones, which fill their world with a little more rhythm and wonder.

Take a look at here for a little more creative inspiration.

I am also very excited to offer some creative kits to help you set up a little Easter magic in your home. If getting creative isn’t usually your thing, or you are pushed for time in collecting all the bits and pieces, I’ve created some kits which include the materials you need.  If you’d like a kit version of the E-book, send me a note to for more details.

Nurture & Gather Winter Workshop

Wednesday 1 March 2017

It has almost been a year since this beautiful event and I am only now posting a few pictures! Oh dear.

I was delighted to be asked to speak to a beautiful group of women at the launch of the Nurture & Gather Workshops last Winter. It was such a blissful night!

We started with a simple meditation to ground us and leave behind our day. I then talked through some simple ways we can nurture ourselves as busy mamas, to ensure that we are able to be present for our children while feeling filled up in ourselves.

Here are some of the photos of the night…. follow along with gather & nurture to stay up to date of any future events.








Mama Elixir: Nourishing Bone Broth

Monday 13 February 2017

Broth is without a doubt a mindful mamas elixir. Having a store of this magic potion in your freezer means that even with limited time, you can whip up a week night meal that is both delicious as it is nutritious.


To read the ins and outs on bone broth, I suggest reading these articles from my two good friends – Emma, the Nutrition Coach and Georgia, Stirring Change. Both these Mamas know there stuff when it comes to nutrition.


From the pantry
Grass fed, grass finished beef bones – always try to get some marrow bones
Filtered water
1 red or brown onion
3 cloves garlic
1 leek
2 carrots
3 celery stalks
a few tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar
2 bay leaves
1 teaspoon white peppercorns
(play around with the about quantities, I really just use whatever is in the fridge)

Let’s begin

 1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees C

2. Roast your beef bones in oven until browned. I do this on a sheet of ‘if you care baking paper’.

3. Transfer bones into stock pot, however do not pour in any of the fat or juices that may have come out of the bones.

4. Add in roughly chopped vegetables, apple cider vinegar, herbs, garlic cloves whole

5. Cover with filtered water

6. Turn on heat and simmer

7. Remove any froth/ scrum that floats to the top

8. Continue to simmer on a low heat for 3-4 hours, no longer.

9. After this time, turn off heat and leave to sit on bench until coolish.

10. Strain, disgard solids and pour liquid into glass jars and/or ice cube containers and store in the freezer. Broth is fine in the refrigerator for a few days, so I keep out what I will use over 2 days and freeze the rest.

I store my broth in mason jars/ glass jars and these wonderful  Wean Meister freezer pods from Biome. I’ve been using these for many years now and they are my favourite. Once frozen, I pop them out and store  the broth cubes in a container in the freezer. This way I have portions available for adding into meals or warming to drink before a meal.

This post contains some affiliate links. Should you buy something using these links I may receive a commission. As I’m sure you know, I only share products that I personally love and use in my own kitchen. 

Preparing a Mindful Kitchen

Tuesday 31 January 2017

The Kitchen.  It really is the heart of any home. Maybe we have returned to working outside the home or maybe we work from home, or maybe we are full on at home with little ones at our feet! Whatever your situation, our kitchens are a place that as parents we often find ourselves (or standing, half leaning on our fridge door wondering what to cook for dinner!).

Today I want to share with you some ways we can prepare our kitchen. Giving a little thought to the things listed below and taking action will have you seeing much more flow when time comes to get into the kitchen to prepare meals.

Creating Sacred Space

Preparing food and meal times really is sacred work, although it often feels the total opposite of this when we have young children. It is ultimately up to us to create the atmosphere in our homes and kitchen and make space for the magic of rituals.

:: De cluttering is a great way to begin. Going through all the cupboards and letting go of those things you never use – even if that little voice in your heads tells you that you will one day! Clear off the bench tops leaving only those things you use daily and that bring you joy…

:: Making space for a little jam jar of fresh flowers or herbs from the garden, little touches like this speak to our Spirit. It offers a little magic from the natural world.

:: Is your dining table cleared? Do you have an area where you’re children can access placemats, mugs and other (age appropriate) things to set the table? We also have a little basket of meal time blessings cards – which make a beautiful ritual for our little ones. Download your free copy on my resource page here.
For more ideas of creating sacred space & meal time rituals, take a look at the Calm & Connected Evening Routine Ebook + Kit HERE.



:: Whenever we are embarking on taking actions in our lives to experience more flow, it is essential that we support ourselves energetically as well as practically. One simple way we can begin to support ourselves through change, transitions and exciting times of growth (whether than be a fresh perspective in the kitchen, weaning a baby or going back to work) is to drop into stillness through meditation.

Meditation is the single easiest way to allow all that brain fuzz and noise to simply melt away. To

If you are searching for a meditation practice – you may like to begin with the 3 minute mama mindset meditations I created here OR maybe for something a little deeper, try the Infuse Calm for 10 minutes of deep relaxation (+ listen before you buy…).


Getting Practical

:: What is your freezer looking like? Is it bustling with homemade broths, soups and easy meals for those busy week nights? These are the things that can really help us be mindful mamas!

If not, begin by ensuring you have plenty of glass jars and glass pryrex containers on hand to store your creations. My other favourite way of storing stock other than mason jars (which have a wide mouth opening) are these Wean Meister freezer pods from Biome. I’ve been using these for many years now and they are wonderful.

:: Ensure you have a good local butcher where you can source ethical & organic meats + a fish monger where you can source sustainable seafood. If not, start asking around to find them!

:: Do you have a slow cooker, stock pot or casserole dish? You will need at least one of these – I find having a few on at the same time, means I get maximum results from my effort.

:: Pantry basics? Sea salt, butter, onion, fresh garlic, potatoes, rice noodles, carrots, tomato passata, coconut cream, LEMONS….you know all those things that mean no after school trips to the shops.

Please note Mamas that this post contains some affiliate links. Should you buy something using these links I may receive a commission. As I’m sure you know, I only share products that I personally love and use in my own kitchen. 



Getting better at boundaries as a Mama

Thursday 12 January 2017

How are you all? I hope you’ve had a wonderful festive season and I truly hope you were able to stay calm amongst the chaos! For me, honestly, I feel like I need a holiday!

9+ people in our home, managing the needs of my own children, my step children, my husband and extended family and then trying to squish in my own needs has been without a doubt a challenge. I have learnt so many lessons about being clear in my communication over the past weeks, which many of you will know was Mercury Retrograde, which is always a prime opportunity to work on communication and to re-consider & re-think things and restore our physical selves.

I’m slowly getting more clarity on the importance of having boundaries as a mama, wife, sister, daughter and friend. As women we tend to go with the flow, to allow the needs of others, and in the case of our children this is a very natural maternal instinct, to go before our own.

As boundaries are so essential for our own self care as mothers, what are some ways we can begin to create better boundaries?


I often talk about the first step to bringing any sort of change or new habit into daily life by working with our mindset. Setting intentions and getting clear about what we are wanting to create – how we want to feel as a result of being able to clearly articulate our own needs and boundaries. For 3 minute mediations to work on your mindset in those moments in between, check out the Mama Mindset Collection.


We need to be organised in terms of our time. For SO long I have resisted having schedules and planners. When I worked corporate I had an assistant who managed my calendar and always left meeting preparation to the last minute! I love being spontaneous and “winging” things. However over the past 7 years I have found this a very unsupportive strategy to have with children, as children thrive on rhythm and routine. Ironically when we do have strong rhythms in place, the occasional spontaneous this or that is actually wonderful, just not everyday. For me this has meant setting firm mealtime rhythms in place (you can read more about this in the Calm & Connected Evenings E-Kit here.

Saying “No”

Being able to clearly communicate our needs is also essential. Using the word “no” more may make us feel “disagreeable” or “rude” but frankly if you aren’t going to be an advocate for your own needs, then who is?!

Sometimes it’s all those “in the moments offers” to do this and that for another, that then has us wondering afterwards where on earth we plan to find the time and energy. Get comfortable with saying “That doesn’t work for me” or “Let me have a thing about that and I’ll get back to you” rather than always feeling the need to provide an answer in the moment.

What fills our cup?

Take a moment to consider what is it that fills your cup? What enlivens your spirit and makes your soul sing? Maybe it is meditation, moments of stillness in nature, yoga, making & creating, sitting on the beach or bike riding. Whatever it is that brings you into alignment with your true spirit & allows you to shine your light brightly to others.

Once you are filled up, you are able to mother from a place of fullness – you will be able to hold it together when your children present challenging behaviour and begin to see more flow in daily life.

Have you been feeling the need to get clear on your boundaries?

I’ll no doubt be sharing more about boundaries and how we can work to incorporate our own need into daily life as a mama in the coming weeks.

Thanks for sharing this space with me.
Natalie x

P.S. If you are looking to establish a little more rhythm and flow in your evening routines after the busyness of holidays, I encourage you to check out my latest offering the Calm & Connected Evening Routines for Children E-Kit and would like to extend to the pre-launch price until the end of the weekend 15 January 2017.

Creating a happy home for our well-being & children

Tuesday 13 December 2016


There is something so wonderful about a home. The smells, the textures, the comfort, and the sanctuary it offers us. It’s something that many of us simply take for granted. A familiar place where we can come back to, day in day out, a place to leave the world behind and connect to our families and ourselves.

There is also an unseen element of a home. A feeling, an energy, a vibe, and a sense that you receive as soon as you enter. This feeling comes from all our senses, not simply our sight.


In our busyness today, how many of us have lost the magic of our homes?

Maybe your home has become a place where you simply eat and sleep. Maybe it’s a place where you work or simply go about your daily life without too much consideration of the space itself.

Take a moment to consider what your home offers you.

Having children is one of those things that, without a doubt, brings us back home. After we give birth we usually find ourselves spending much time in our home.

For some of us, staying home after the birth is an essential part of our self nurture and that of our babies. For others, we feel our well-being is best nurtured by getting back out in the world and staying busy with outings. Either way, at this time of being a new mama, we inevitably spend more time at home than we may have since childhood.

Our homes offer us a wonderful opportunity to support our mindset, our emotional well-being, and that of our children.

If your children are experiencing behavioral issues or perhaps you experience anxiety or depression, begin by looking at your home. Of course there are many other things you will want to look at. However, our home is a very strong representation of ourselves and offers us insights into our inner world.

Here are some things you may like to consider to create a truly happy home:

Note that these considerations aren’t supposed to make you feel un-empowered and frustrated. By simply bringing awareness to these areas you can infuse a little more energy & love, and begin to see shifts in your everyday.

  • Begin by simply bringing your home into your mind and asking yourself how it makes you feel. Do you feel overwhelmed by the clutter? Frustrated with the lack lustre wall colour? Or does it make you feel joyful and at ease?
  • What do you spend most of your time doing at home? Do you enjoy this or would you prefer to be doing something else?
  • Consider how your home smells. Do you use natural scents to uplift the energy and cleanse the space?
  • What sounds can you hear in your home? Is the television or radio always on? Can you hear your children playing? Can you hear wildlife/ birds?
  • What are the surfaces in your home like? Are they frequently filled with papers and clutter?
  • What is the airflow and ventilation like in your home? Do you open the windows daily?
  • Is there something that you often find yourself thinking in your home? “I must clear out that cupboard” or “When I have more time I will tidy the garden area” etc.
  • Consider the way in which you arrange your furniture and the furniture that you choose to bring into your home. Does it bring a sense of warmth & does it delight your Spirit?


Sacred Spaces

  • How do you tend to your home? Even if you have someone help you with the cleaning, do you give yourself time to potter and create little spaces of magic – vases of flowers from the garden, some beeswax candles, or other displays that speak to your Soul? Do you tend to any indoor plants? Do you spend time every so often cleaning out frequently used cupboards and drawers?


  • What do the spaces that your children spend time in look and feel like? Are they aesthetically pleasing, warm, and comfortable? Are they cluttered? What is the quality of the objects in them – natural materials or synthetic? Do you spent time with your children making them tidy at the end of the day?
  • Consider how much time you and your children spend at home. Consider the main activities of your children at home.
  • Does your home offer little spaces of sanctuary for all who live there?


Need some more guidance?

Would you like to know more about creating a happy home? Simple ways to infuse a little magic into your everyday with children? I talk a little more about creating a high vibe home and lots more in my latest offering, Calm & Connected Evening Routines with Children. Check it out HERE.


It’s lovely to have you here. I hope you have found something that resonates and that you can take into your day with children.

Natalie xx