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Birthdays for Children – A Felt Star Celebration Garland

I thought I’d share a very sweet and simple little tutorial to inspire a little birthday making. This Felt Star…

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Magical Bedtime Rituals – Sleepy Star + Moon Bed

Our little children love consistency when it comes to bedtimes. One way that we can help our children fall asleep…

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Creating Birthday Traditions for Children: A birthday number

One of my favourite little rituals in the lead up to the birthday is to create a birthday number for…

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Birthdays for Children: Apple Star Cake Decorations

I have been dreaming of making these little Apple Stars in the lead up to my big girls birthday. I…

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Christmas Preparations: Golden Gingerbread Biscuits

We’ve been baking these delicious gingerbread biscuits for the past 6 years, shared by our very dear playgroup leader. They…

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Peach and Macadamia Tray Crumble

I’ve made this twice now and it’s definitely a keeper. Sweet gooey and caramely peaches coupled with the crunch of…

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Dealing with a Child's Challenging Behaviour

I shared these musings on my instagram a few days ago and it seemed to really resonate, so I am…

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Wholefood for Children: Green Chicken Goodness

My staple chicken soup recipe. I mix this up depending on what is in the fridge however I basically alternate…

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Thriving in the School Holidays with Children

    I wrote a post on Instagram a while ago asking mothers what is the hardest thing about having…

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Warming Winter Lamb & Red Lentil Soup

I shared a beautiful recipe for Luscious Lamb & Lentil Soup in my cookbook, Recipes from my Kitchen, however over the years it has evolved and I’ve ended up with quite a different version of the soup. I shared some photos on Instagram stories the other evening and a number of you asked for the…

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Waldorf Inspired Birthday Rituals: The Birthday Stars

I’d love to tell you all about the birthday stars 🌟 if you’ve been here for a while you will know all about the birthday stars, but for those who are new let me share a little more. One of the rituals I share in the magical birthday ebook is to sew little felt (or…

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the Story of BEEING….showing up as your next level self NOW

Are you sitting on a creative dream? A yearning in your heart to create something of your own, to share your art, your message, your life’s work? You know you’re keeping your magnificence and magic locked up inside but there is so much fear or maybe overwhelm in knowing how to bring it to life?…

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Your Desires are Whispers from your Soul

You desiring something is not you being ungrateful and unappreciative of what you currently have. Your desires are like whispers from your soul …. that there is something else waiting for you. Untapped potential begging for you to unlock. More delicious connections waiting to be had. More spaciousness in your day. Whatever it is that…

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Ideas for Teachers: celebrating school children’s birthdays

As my children get older I’m observing how much of the magic can leave childhood. As they awaken to more knowledge of how the world works and with so much responsibility to fit into our digital society, it seems there isn’t much room left for the magic. But I really feel that it is our…

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Believing what’s inside you is worth sharing

  Believing that what you have inside you is worth sharing. It’s a question that I get asked so often with the women who I work with. And something that I’ve constantly had to work on also. How do you know? How do you know you’re really meant to be sharing what’s in your heart?…

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  For women like us, there is something within our heart and soul that we dream of doing.   Maybe it is writing a book, creating a business, sharing a message or starting a charity.   Something that when we simply think about it, it lights us up and gives us access to all kinds…

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Your Frequency is your Magic

I make pretty things but I don’t believe that this alone is going to change your connection with your child. ⠀ Bringing beauty, intention and magic into your home is what lights me up but let’s just take a moment to talk about frequency.⠀ YOUR FREQUENCY is everything – it affects all aspects of your…

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An update from my Creative Table…

I recently finished the needle book I had been working on for the past month. It was one of those deeply therapeutic pieces… that kept surprising me with how it would turn out. I shared it on instagram recently and there seem to be many people interested in making one. So I thought I would…

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Simple ways to support yourself through challenging times

I love this beautiful photo taken by Melissa Jean of me almost ready to birth my third child and our dog Honey. A little note that I wrote to my tribe recently and wanted to share here too…  Just like everyone and the entire world, I’ve been working through so much shit! What a year…

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It’s time to stop letting doubt control you

Today I’m sharing some musings on doubt and all those feelings that arise when we go to begin something new or do something differently – whether it be a new creative project, a personal decision, a business idea. Whatever it is, you’re not alone in the feeling of doubting yourself.   Doubt disconnects us from what…

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How to Make Wool Felt Tea Bags for Imaginative Play

Another video tutorial to inspire some creative making. In this video I will teach you how to make some waldorf inspired tea bags for imaginative kitchen play. Materials you will need: Wool Felt or some kind of felted wool – In the video I use a piece of an old woollen blanket Cotton string/ twine…

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A simple way to celebrate Valentines Day with young children

As you probably know I always welcome to opportunity to create a little magic for my children – so I thought with Valentine’s Day coming up I would make these simple wool felt envelopes as a little surprise.  I’m planning on adding some watercolour heart notes and maybe a heart chocolate. These envelopes could be…

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Back to School Lunchbox Ideas – Blueberry Buckwheat Muffins

Ok a little back to school lunchbox inspiration for you all, as I’m sure we can all use some. My little boy and I made these little muffins the other day for the girls afternoon and they were gobbled up.  The recipe below makes 24 tiny muffins/ cup cakes – if you wanted to increase…

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Video Tutorial – Flying Christmas Angels

Hello lovely ones. I hope you are managing to find some calm amongst the chaos of the festive season. I’ve just moved house and so I am keeping things really simple here this year – with all my focus on settling the children into a new home + routine and restoring my own energy. I…

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